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Guide to Ad Sizes

Technical Requirements

  • Supported File Types:jpeg, jpg, png
  • Color:RGB
  • Min Resolution:72dpi
  • Max File Size:500 kb

Supported Sizes

  • Advert Prices: Are shown in Cost per Thousand Views (aka CPM, Cost Per Mille)
    • $6 per 1,000 views
      Small Bannerw 354px - h 91px
    • Small Rectanglew 261px - h 217px
    • Small Skyscraperw 230px - h 460px
    • $13 per 1,000 views
      Medium Bannerw 750px - h 96px
    • Medium Rectanglew 330px - h 275px
    • Medium Skyscraperw 330px - h 495px
    • Squarew 330px - h 330px
    • $19 per 1,000 views
      Large Bannerw 1140px - h 141px
    • Large Rectanglew 490px - h 408px
    • Large Skyscraperw 330px - h 660px
    • $26 per 1,000 views
      Super Sizew 1140px - h 641px
    'Top Performing' sizes are shown in bold

Supported Advert Sizes

CPM: Cost Per 1000 Impressions

Small Banner

Width: 354px - Height: 91px

displayed everywhere


Small Rectangle

Width: 261px

Height: 217px

displayed in the feed

Only 1 left! Hurry!


Medium Banner

Width: 750px - Height: 96px

displayed at the top & tail of articles and in the feed


Small Skyscraper

Width: 230px

Height: 460px

displayed in the feed

Only 2 left! Hurry!


Medium Rectangle

Width: 330px - Height: 275px

displayed in the article and in the side

Only 2 left! Hurry!


Medium Skyscraper

Width: 330px

Height: 495px

1/4 page advert with a 3:2 aspect ratio, displayed in the side

Only 2 left! Hurry!



Width: 330px - Height: 330px

displayed everywhere


Large Banner

Width: 1140px - Height: 141px

displayed at the end of a page

Only 2 left! Hurry!


Large Rectangle

Width: 490px - Height: 408px

displayed in the feed

Sold Out


Large Skyscraper

Width: 330px

Height: 660px

displayed in the article and in the side

Only 2 left! Hurry!


Super Size

Width: 1140px - Height: 641px

displayed like a DPS, filling the screen, and placed in the Photo Special article, image galleries and at the foot of the page. Also resized to 2/3 and placed in the feed - avoid small text

Only 3 left! Hurry!


Frequently Asked Questions

How are the adverts charged?

Prices shown above are in Cost Per Thousand impressions, ie views. We also charge $0.01 per click but only once for each person.

What’s an Impression?

An Impression is when a real person sees your advert. We filter out electronic bots and we only charge when your ad is in sight.

Why do you charge that way?

Because everything is very visible, trackable and fair. You can see, monitor and target your viewers with our Advert Dashboard. You decide how much you want to spend. You have control.

What does the advert dashboard look like?

click here to see a preview of the dashboard.

Where does my advert go?

Your ad will be shown in many different places on various pages across the site. Each advert above includes the rough position(s) it will be shown on the pages.

Can I have more than 1 advert in my campaign?

Yes! We recommend multiple adverts to optimise your exposure. You can have as many different adverts within each campaign as you wish and we will show all your adverts as long as your budget allows.

Can I change my adverts during the campaign?

Yes. You can add, delete, change and edit adverts or top up the campaign budget whenever you wish.

What's the difference between a weekly and a lifetime budget?

A weekly budget is the repeating amount you're willing to spend on a campaign every 7 days. Your ads automatically stop showing once your budget has been met. Each week we will reload your campaign with the specified budget, so your payment card will be charged weekly. A lifetime budget is the fixed amount you decide to spend for the campaign. This is charged in full when taking out the campaign. Your ads will be shown until your funds run out.

Which is the best value?

Weekly budgets work out better value, but with either system we give you a loyalty bonus in extra advertising.

How do I know how much to spend?

Our weekly rates attract a loyalty bonus. Start small, watch the result with the Dashboard and shape your campaign.

What sort of traffic do you get?

1,500-5,000 unique visitors every day from 170+ different countries, and growing. Half are returning users and the other half are new readers.

What are your most successful ad sizes?

The sizes we've found to be the most effective are the 354x91 Small Banner, the 750x96 Medium Banner, the 330x330 Square, the 330x660 Large Skyscraper and the 1140x641 Super Size. Keep in mind that while these ad sizes typically perform well, you should use the size that best complements your message.

What’s the best design for an internet advertisement?

Keep it simple. Minimal text with a clear Call to Action (buy now, click here, etc). Approximately half of our users are on mobile devices so the advert has to work at small sizes.

Will the advert link to my website?

Yes. Every advert is directly linked to your specified URL.

How do I start my campaign?

Choose your size(s), upload your advert(s) and pick a budget to get started.

We will help you get started!

We are here to answer all your questions and can even help you create your first campaigns

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