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76ers Acquire Jimmy Butler from Timberwolves

The Philadelphia 76ers traded forward Dario Saric, guard Robert Covington, Jerryd Bayless and a 2022 second round pick for forward Jimmy Butler and Justin Patton.

While everyone expected the Minnesota Timberwolves to trade Butler, Philadelphia wasn't a destination many people thought was viable. Philly wasn't in serious trade talks and they didn't have enough to offer for Butler.

Instead, the Wolves took back less than the original asking price. Other teams will be furious because the Wolves cheated them out of Butler. Why did Butler get traded suddenly and for a lower asking price than before?

When a team struggles, they need someone or something to change. For Minnesota, it was easy. They already had Butler to blame and rightfully so. He has been the cause for a lot of drama. With his departure, there should be less drama and arguments in the locker room.

The real winners of this trade are the 76ers. They acquired a superstar for a decent price tag. They had been struggling this year and needed another player to come in and give them a moral boost and leadership. Butler will fit right in and help the 76ers compete for a Eastern Conference Finals appearance.

With just one simple trade, the 76ers have changed the narrative. They failed to sign a superstar this summer and that was coming back to haunt them this season. Now, with Butler, they finally have a great team and can make a run for the NBA Finals.

The biggest issue for the 76ers is retaining Butler. He will be a free agent after this summer and if he walks away, the 76ers would have lost a lot of pieces only to have Butler play for them for less than a year.

Trading for Butler will bring a lot of pressure for the 76ers because now they have to win. For the Wolves, they will have to turn it around or this trade will seem pointless.

I think the Wolves will be fine without Butler. They seem to do better without him and that's because Derrick Rose can take more shots and he is honestly one of their better players even though he gets paid very little.

This season just got very interesting. The 76ers are once again a threat in the Eastern Conference and the Wolves are finally going to be able to enjoy a quiet locker for once.