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All eyes on Zion

If you've been on Youtube or Instagram and searched for any basketball related content, chances are you've seen a Zion Williamson highlight. If you haven't, please allow me to introduce to you to one of the most interesting and intoxicating players who will be gracing the college scene shortly.

A physical freak

There's no way to sugar coat it, Zion Williamson is built like a NFL linebacker. At 17 years old he is 6' 6”, 272 lbs and has a 6' 10” wingspan. Zion takes “bully ball” to a whole new level as he has spent his high school career playing as a man amongst boys. He couples an explosive first step with point guard like agility and the leaping ability of Zach LaVine. When he gets a head of speed going downhill, he's an unstoppable tank that's charging at defenders with 272 lbs of mass while going 100 mph.

His game will be tested

by SB Nation
by SB Nation

Zion has rarely had to shoot from outside the paint, in fact it's very difficult to even find a video of his jump shot. His high school game has been based around him plowing over defenders or dunking over the burnt remains of an opponent. Scouting reports continually say his jump shot is a work in progress and it'll surely be tested at the college level. Zion will also have to adjust his bulldog like game to fit college level athletes who can be just as big, fast, and athletic as he is.

His NBA fit

The 2019 NBA Draft is well over a year away, but that doesn't stop anyone. Zion is a projected top 10 pick and he's logged a grand total of zero college minutes. The NBA comparisons can easily be made, he's a more athletic Charles Barkley or a larger built Lance Stephenson with just a hint of Lebron James. Despite the comparisons, his NBA fit is an interesting one to say the least. At 6' 6” he's more shooting guard height rather than small forward, but at 17 I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he'll grow more. His reliance on over powering his opponents won't work in the NBA so he'll have to develop some form of a jump shot or another aspect of his game.

I'll be tuning into as many Duke games as I can just to see Zion Williamson play. His intense style of play is eye popping and hopefully his stint in college will help round out his game. The NBA better be ready, because Zion Williamson is coming.

This article was originally published on @justin9944