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Anthony Davis Is the Lakers 'Top Overall Target'

The Los Angeles Lakers want to acquire one more superstar to help LeBron James and company next season. There are a few choices but Pelicans forward Anthony Davis is their 'top overall target' according to sources.

That should be obvious to everyone that works for the Lakers. Davis is an amazing offensive and defensive player. Not many players can dominate both sides of the court. The problem that arises for the Lakers is that Davis won't be a free agent until 2020.

Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard will be free agents after this season. The Lakers have to choose whether or not they will try to sign one of them or wait and make a play for Davis. To acquire Davis earlier than 2020, the Lakers will have to make a trade and that will deplete some talent.

I think the Lakers should trade for Davis. That way, they can move on and start focusing on a championship team instead of focusing on too many players in free agency. Trading away a few players for Davis isn't a bad idea. They can't keep everyone happy and not every player fits well with the Lakers. Trading a few for one of the best players in the league is a no brainer.

Still, I can imagine it being difficult to pass up on Durant during free agency. He is the best scorer in the league (James Harden relies too much on free throws to be considered that) and he is almost unguardable. Him alongside James will be the best one-two tandem ever in the history of the NBA.

What the Lakers can't afford to do is miss out on every big name free agent. That seems like a real possibility because they are split on who to pursue. It sounds like Leonard won't be signing with the Lakers and Thompson will most likely resign with the Golden State Warriors. There are still a few players the Lakers can pursue but again, do they want to wait for Davis or no?

Being the Lakers right now must not be fun. James is injured and they are struggling without him. Without James, the team has little hope of winning against other teams. They might miss the playoffs which will be sad considering how much noise surrounded the Lakers to start the season.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir