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Can the Celtics Beat the Warriors in a Seven Game Series?

Kyrie Irving made the news today for saying that he thinks the Boston Celtics can beat the Golden State Warriors in a seven game series. Well, can they?

It is a good question because it appears that these two teams will face each other in the NBA Finals next year. We will get to see this scenario play out most likely and see if Irving was right or not.

My only question would be if Irving is talking about the current Warriors or the Warriors without DeMarcus Cousins. If you include Cousins, the Celtics will not win four games. It would depend on how healthy Cousins is but he should be healthy because the Warriors aren't going to play him early. They don't need to. Cousins can take his time recouping and come back a 100 percent.

Last year's Celtics would have given the Warriors a run for their money if they were healthy. Both teams would have had at least five solid players. Now, the Warriors got even better and are almost guaranteed a championship.

Don't get me wrong, the Celtics are very talented but the Warriors have five superstars starting. Some people think that that's too many superstars on one team. How will they all get their shots? This is the Warriors. They move the ball as well as any team and we have seen mediocre players shine here and there.

Golden State likes to take good shots. They don't just rely on their stars like most teams. That is what separates the Warriors from most of the league. I think it is safe to say that the Celtics are also one of those teams that don't just rely on their stars. They made it to the Eastern Conference Finals without two of their superstars.

Seeing the Warriors and the Celtics play will be fun to watch. It will also be interesting to see the two coaches going at it. I don't think Steve Kerr will lose to Brad Stevens because Kerr has better players. Both coaches call great plays and execute them perfectly. It will be a great rivalry in the making.

Irving is delusional to think his team can beat the Warriors in a series but if he sticks with the Celtics, they will only get better. They can claim the title of the best team in the league because the Warriors will most likely split soon. And the Celtics have the players to create the next superteam.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir