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Carmelo Anthony Should Retire Because No Team Is Going to Sign Him

The joke of the NBA is currently Carmelo Anthony. While he will always be considered one of the greatest scorers to play the game, he will also be known as a player that couldn't win. Every team he went to struggled with Melo late in his career and his lack of playoff success will be pointed out when his career his discussed.

Ignoring those shortcomings, NBA teams dislike Anthony for other reasons. He takes bad shots, too many mid-range shots and he doesn't play defense. Teams have had dreadful defenses when Anthony is playing and he has made playoff teams horrible just like that.

Even if we overlook his stint with the New York Knicks, Anthony's horrible defense and isolation basketball made the Oklahoma Thunder become a first round exit. This year, the Thunder are one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. Anthony's departure made the Thunder much better and that is something teams will take note of.

Anthony's latest team, the Houston Rockets, were in the Western Conference last year but this year, they are struggling to fight for a playoff spot. Anthony's bad defense has made them bad. The fact that Anthony ruined two good teams will make teams think twice about signing Anthony.

After two failed stunts in less than two year, Anthony is left wondering about his future. The Rockets plan to waive him and Anthony's camp is already looking around to see who is interested in Anthony. The answer is nobody.

Why would anyone think signing Anthony knowing he can't play defense? Getting Anthony would make a team worse and signing him knowing that would be a sure way to get fired. I joked that Anthony is going to have to look oversees if he wants to play professional basketball but that may be the case.

At this point, Anthony needs to retire. He isn't able to keep up with the rest of the NBA and his poor shot selection is making head coaches shake their head. Anthony will be receiving checks from the NBA for the next two years so he should just retire instead of making himself the laughing stock of the NBA.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir