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CM Punk: Best in the World

Punk was the WWE Champion for 434 days
Punk was the WWE Champion for 434 days

CM Punk is definitely a name, that will be remembered by the WWE Universe, throughout their life. He was perhaps WWE's biggest creation in the PG Era. Undoubtedly, Punk was one of the best wrestlers that the pro-wrestling industry has ever witnessed.

He had a very controversial career in the WWE. However, fans believe, that nobody had better skills with the microphone, than him. Throughout his career, he has won several Championships and has defeated wrestlers across the globe. He used to proclaim himself as the 'best in the world'. He even printed the same on the back of his T-shirt.

Below are five reasons, why he was the best Wrestler WWE had during his tenure.

5. WWE Champion- 434 days

Punk was a fighting Champion
Punk was a fighting Champion

While some wrestlers fail to win the title even once, CM Punk retained his WWE Championship for a record number of 434 days. It was the longest reign in the last 25 years, at that point of time. Punk had multiple title defenses throughout his reign. He was the Champion every wrestler ever wanted to be. He defended his title against stalwarts like Chris Jericho, John Cena and several others.

Till date, the WWE Universe talks about how a great a Champion he was. Punk finally lost the title to the Rock in a controversial fashion. He was the face of WWE and did main-event several shows and headlined PPV's as the WWE Champion.

4 Paul Heyman Guy

This was an unique team
This was an unique team

To get someone like Paul Heyman as your mentor is definitely a dream for every WWE superstar. Heyman and Punk's friendship was unique in nature. They both delivered several story-lines and was the main reason behind the increase in TRP of WWE.

Wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Curtis Axel and several other were under the supervision of Paul Heyman. But none of them could become the superstar like Punk became. Punk had all the ingredients which Heyman channelized to make him a larger than life player in the WWE.

3. Back to Back- Money in the Bank Contracts

Punk was back to back MITB match winner
Punk was back to back MITB match winner

CM Punk created history, when he became the first man on the planet to win two back to back Money in the Bank Ladder matches. Both the times, he cashed in his contract and won the World Heavyweight Championship. First it was against Edge and second time against Jeff Hardy.

Till date, this record persists. CM Punk put his body on the line, two win these matches. These matches had a lot of effect in building the brand that he has become. Punk was thus recognized as a maestro in ladder matches. The WWE Universe still remembers those matches till date.

2. Pipebombs

No one can deliver promos like the way CM Punk did. He could tell anything and everything to anyone on his face. Punk was anti-management kind of person and loved to deliver 'pipebombs'. He had a grandiloquent verbose and could dissect anyone with a mic on his hand.

A wrestler is often categorized by the kind of promos he delivers. CM Punk was the undisputed king of pipebombs. The way he tore apart John Laurinaitis with a mic is commendable. WWE Universe could never forget the segment where he uncovers many truth about the WWE. The above video shows why he was the best, and, WWE was forced to stop his microphone from working.

1. Straightedge Society

Punk and the Straight Edge Society changed the WWE forever — by Rajarshi Banerjee
Punk and the Straight Edge Society changed the WWE forever — by Rajarshi Banerjee

Punk was the master of promos. Another story-line he put forth to the WWE Universe was the straight edge society. He claimed under this lifestyle, one needs to take oath of not drinking, smoking or doing drugs. He claimed he is better than the rest as he was straight edge in his actual life.

He 'healed' the life of Luke Gallows and Serena by making them join the Straight Edge society. He even delivered promos and story-lines with Rey Mysterio. This led to a match between the duo, where Punk lost and was forced to shave his head. WWE Universe enjoyed this rivalry.

Hence, in light of the above factors, it is obvious that Punk was indeed the best of his time. He might be gone, but WWE Universe still loves him till date. We hope to see him back soon in the WWE.

This article was originally published on @rajjo