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Four possible road-maps for Samoa Joe after Survivor Series

Samoa Joe is not utilized properly
Samoa Joe is not utilized properly

Samoa Joe is one of the most dominant Superstars in the WWE today. He is highly underrated, and is one of the best talents, that the WWE has. Joe is a former NXT Champion, and has competed in several pro-wrestling organizations across the globe.

Currently, he is competing in SmackDown Live, and, is not booked properly. A Superstar of his caliber is capable of doing unbelievable things. Joe has a history of decimating his opponents.

Unfortunately, he was the first person to get eliminated in the Elimination match at the Survivor Series PPV. The WWE appears directionless to channelize the road-map for Joe. Here are four Superstars who could be Joe's next opponent to bring him back in the reckoning.

4. Feud with Jeff Hardy

Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy have competed previously in Impact Wrestling and had a face-off in the WWE, too. However, a proper feud between these two wrestlers would be amazing to watch. While Hardy is known for his extreme maneuvers, Joe believes in using under-hand tactics. Joe and Hardy know each other inside out, and, would not stop until one annihilates another.

A feud between these two could set the path for amazing matches. They can sell arenas, and can main event PPVs. It would generate high viewership, and, garner more crowd reaction. Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe at WrestleMania 35, would be one of the best fights ever. This feud will be helpful for both Joe and Hardy, to take their career to the next level.

The creative team of WWE along with the management, should make this rivalry happen.

3. Feud with Randy Orton

This could be the biggest rivalry in the last decade  — by Rajarshi Banerjee
This could be the biggest rivalry in the last decade  — by Rajarshi Banerjee

Randy Orton is perhaps the biggest superstar in the WWE today. He has redefined the concept of a heel wrestler in the WWE. He has won dozens of Championship in the WWE, but, has never faced someone like Samoa Joe.

A confrontation between Joe and Orton would be a treat for the entire WWE Universe. Both Joe and Orton are veterans, and can bring in their years of experience into play. Both of them loves to win, and would not stop until one of them incapacitates the other one.

This rivalry would be 'best for business', considering both the wrestlers have an outstanding global fan following, and would thus help the WWE to increase its viewership and TRP. WWE management should try to pursue this feud and the creative team should build a proper story-line between the duo.

2. Feud with Shinsuke Nakamura

Joe could become a future US Champion
Joe could become a future US Champion

Samoa Joe has not won any championships, ever since he stepped foot in the main roster. This is a shame, as Joe is a gifted athlete, and he deserves to be a champion. Therefore, a face-off between Nakamura and Joe for the US title would be a good decison.

Nakamura and Joe have battled each other in the past. They can put up an excellent fight and this would be a rivalry, the WWE Universe would lust to watch. Any competition between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura would be nothing short of a dream match.

Both Joe and Nakamura follows an unorthodox style of wrestling, and therefore they could be locked up in matches with special stipulations. Also, Nakamura and Joe has the capability to deliver outstanding promos, and, hence this feud shall be enjoyed by all people from eight to eighty.

1. Feud with Daniel Bryan

Joe deserves to become the next WWE Champion
Joe deserves to become the next WWE Champion

Daniel Bryan received a lot of flak, ever since he turned heel and defeated AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. However, his fortune can change, if WWE decides to set up a contest between him and Samoa Joe. It would be a wise decision, which would benefit both Joe and Bryan, and WWE as well.

Bryan is a wrestler with loads of potential. Similarly, Samoa Joe is someone, who can deliver excellent matches, jaw-dropping promos and can be rightfully termed as an all-rounder. Bryan vs Joe for the WWE Championship, would be a phenomenal contest. Both Bryan and Joe are currently performing as heel, and a face turn by either one of them, could spice up the rivalry.

Also, Bryan has not been able to impress the WWE Universe much ever since his return from the injury. This rivalry could thus be a stepping stone in both Joe and Bryan's career to climb up the ladder in their career.

This article was originally published on @rajjo