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Gifts for Your Body Building Friend

When it comes to body building and muscle gain it might seem like an art to some while others might not be as impressed. As your friend who lives at the gym bulking up as if they are the next hero of a superhero movie. If it’s that time of year when you want to get gifts for your friends be it for Christmas or perhaps their birthday there is always the very many options that you can choose from. But if you have a friend who is all about going muscles and eating right them you know you have a task at hand especially if you are not into the same line of lifestyle. Their method of counting calories and weighting themselves and measuring their forearms might even be boring to you. But for such a friend here is a set of great gift ideas that might even impress them and make them realise that even though you may not be interesting in the art of body building but you are interested in them and their happiness.

Image Source - Pixabay
Image Source - Pixabay

The Supplement That Is Always Needed

A bottle of whey protein powder is always a welcome gift. This is something that they use on a regular basis and will always need it. When it comes to gaining muscles the amount of food they intake is important and sometimes you cannot get all the relevant nutrients from just the meals that’s why they need this product. There are great options on the market and you can impress them by getting something that is known to be a best seller and has great reviews.

A New Bathroom Scale

Get your friend a bathroom scale that looks pretty enough to even keep in their office. They are very much likely to appreciate this simple gift as repeated use of a scale can sometimes wear it down. So a new one is always a great welcome. Choose an electronic one as it is reputed to be more accurate.

A Personal Mixer

This is a great gadget that a tech savvy individual will love to have. They can use this to mix and drink up their juice or shake on the go from the same cup. It does not need to be poured into another container or glass to be consumed. It works on battery and is very much built for the on the go man or woman.

The Towel That’s Just Right

Having a towel that is just the right size is very important. Having plenty never hurts especially for someone who is going to be spending a lot of time at the gym. Get the large size so that they can use it when they are on the bench and can also use to wipe up after a sweaty workout.

A Myotape

A measuring tape is important to a body builder. They can use this tape to measure themselves without the help of another person. It is great as it also gives accurate measurements and is easy to use. This way they can measure as many times as they want and not have to trouble their family or friends.

This article was originally published on @sallywilkinson