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Hawks are holding Earl Thomas prisoner

by Josiah Williams
by Josiah Williams

Professional teams usually try to hold onto superstars for as long as they can. They also hold them hostage if they don’t want to pay them or renew their contract. The Seattle Seahawks are doing exactly that. They are holding Earl Thomas prisoner and needs to let him go.

The rumors started to swirl when the Seahawks played the Dallas Cowboys last season. Following the victory, Thomas entered the Cowboys locker room and talked to head coach Jason Garret. He said, “If you have the chance, come get me.”

Thomas clarified his comments after the game. “I grew up a Cowboys fan. I didn’t literally mean right now. I am in the prime of my career.”

The Legion Boom were dismantled over the summer. Richard Sherman signed with another team. Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril retired due to serious injuries. The window was open for Earl Thomas to ask for a contract extension.

Unfortunately, the Hawks had no intention of doing so and that stance remains the same today. According to Sporac, Thomas has one year left 10.4 million dollars. When he discovered Seattle didn’t want commit to him long-term, he expressed in feelings via Instagram.

Earl held out during organized team activities and tried to force the team’s hand. He made it clear he doesn’t want to stay in Seattle. The problem is that the Hawks are making it difficult for him to find a new team. They won’t commit to him but won’t let him go anywhere else.

The Cowboys and Seahawks have been playing a cat and mouse game for months. During the NFL Draft, the Hawks wanted a second-round pick. The Cowboys offered a third-round pick, but Seattle didn’t respond.

Initially, Seattle wanted a first round pick. No one in the right mind would trade a first-round pick for a thirty-year-old safety and then extend him. Making a ridiculous demand like that speaks volumes to how they want to handle the situation. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport went on Twitter to shed some light on the story.

Rapoport had a good point. Again, he said the Hawks want to be “blow away” to trade the Pro Bowl safety. They don’t want to extend him, but they also don’t want him playing for anyone one this season.

Holding Thomas prisoner makes no sense. He will away from the team when the season is over, and the team will get nothing in return. The best move would be to trade him for a fair but not too steep of a price.

This article was originally published on @uwj014