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Jason Garrett should be fired

by Josiah Williams
by Josiah Williams

The Dallas Cowboys are starving to get back into contention for decades. They haven’t won a super bowl since the 90’s. Changes need to be made it starts with the coaches. Jason Garrett needs to be fired.

Garrett has only led the Cowboys to mediocrity. In the past eight seasons, Garrett has led the Cowboys to only one playoff victory. They had a winning record three times and had an 8-8 record three times. Most coaches would be fired by now.

The play calling in Dallas has been in question for quite a while now. The players on the roster may not be the best. However, the coaches are not putting the players in the best position to succeed. Allen Hurns expressed his frustration to the media.

Garrett is a former quarterback and offensive coordinator. The offense is supposed to be his specialty. Instead, Dallas is one of the worst passing offenses in the league. Not to mention having a losing mentality. You can’t play not to lose.

The critical fourth down play in week 5 illustrates why the Garrett and Linehan need to be gone. It was 4th and 1 and the Cowboys were in Houston Texans territory. In overtime, they should have gone for the first down. Jason had a better idea.

Jason thought it would better just to punt the ball to Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins. They haven’t stopped Hopkins all night and the next drive would be no different. Hopkins catches the ball and takes it into scoring position. All of this could have been avoided if Dallas went for the first down.

Garrett tried to justify arguably the softest decision of the game. “We believe in our runner. Unfortunately, on the play before, we actually lost yards on a similar play, so we decided to play the field position.” His response doesn’t make sense.

By not going for it in critical moments, that’s discouraging to the players. The coaches need to show confidence in the offense and pull the trigger. Even Jerry Jones, the owner disagreed with the play call.

The biggest accomplishment in the Garrett era was receiving the Coach of the Year award. They went 13-3 that year and arguably had the best team in the NFC that season. When everything is clicking on all cylinders, that is when Jason is at his best.

When the team is facing adversity and has a lot of issues, the adjustment is terrible. For example, when Tyron Smith missed games, they put a Chaz Green in his place against the Atlanta Falcons. Green was getting beat all night without any adjustment. Dak Prescott was taking a beating for most of the game.

Showing a lack of adjustment is solely the coaches fault. Why wasn’t there a running back to help Green out? Furthermore, why not put in another player who could block better? Instead, they let Green get destroyed with very little change to the game plan.

That game illustrates how the Cowboys wait too long to make the necessary changes to win. Jerry Jones will wait until Dallas has the worst record before firing coaches. He waits until the games before unwatchable. New flash, the games are almost unwatchable now. The defense is balling out but the offense is terrible.

Think about the Los Angeles Lakers. When Kobe Bryant retired, they become one of the worst teams in the NBA. Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak were overpaying free agents and hiring coaches who didn’t fit the team’s needs. Things didn’t change until Jeanie Buss fired her brother and hired Magic Johnson to take over. As a result, LeBron James signs with the Lakers. Now they are destined to be a contender in the Western Conference.

Similarly, Jones should fire Garrett and hire someone within an innovative football mind. He should think about firing his son Stephen Jones too. Until that happens, the Cowboys will continue to struggle.

This article was originally published on @uwj014