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Jerry Jones should postpone extending Dak Prescott

by Josiah Williams
by Josiah Williams

The Dallas Cowboys are in prime position to make a run to the Super Bowl. Dak Prescott’s performance, while not the most stellar, has sparked the topic of a contract extension. If Jerry Jones were a wise man, he would hold off giving Dak a monster contract.

Dak has certainly earned his starting job from the very beginning. He drafted in the 4th round and was scheduled to be 3rd string quarterback. He wasn’t even a back up to Tony Romo. Once Kellen Moore and Romo got injured, Dak’s chance at stardom opened up for him.

When Dak took over the starting position, he never let it go. His performance one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history. How many rookie quarterbacks throw twenty three touchdowns, four interceptions, and lead their team to thirteen wins?

Despite his success, critics gave more credit to the offensive line and running back Ezekiel Elliot for taking pressure off him. The following season, that theory was put to the test. Prescott went through the typical sophomore slump.

In Prescott’s third season, the Cowboys had a rough start with a 3-5 record. After the loss to the Tennessee Titans, Jones gave some support. “He’s young and he is going to be extended.” Stephen A. Smith chimed in on the topic.

Smith made a great point. By giving Prescott and extension, the Cowboys are essentially saying they are all in on him and not necessarily the coaches. When they traded for Amari Cooper, they gave Prescott the number one receiver he always wanted.

The offensive took off after Cooper joined the team. Dak looks like a better quarterback when throwing to him. However, he still overthrows other receivers on the team at times.

Dak has overthrown Michael Gallup and Cole Beasley on numerous occasions. While he has still performed decently and led the Cowboys to a playoff berth, the jury should still be out on contract extensions.

Think about quarterbacks in the past who were handed long-term deal but haven’t earned it. Jimmy Garoppolo is a great example. He used to be a backup to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. He hasn’t done anything to justify receiving six-year deal worth over $137 million.

That contract set a horrible precedent. If a quarterback with very little starting experience gets that kind of money, what will Prescott demand in the future? Dak has certainly more accomplishments on his resume than Jimmy G but still needs to prove himself.

Jones should wait until after the season to consider an extension. If anything, Dak may have earned a fifth-year option. Besides that, make Dak truly earn his worth in the playoffs.

This article was originally published on @uwj014