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Joakim Noah is Frustrated That the Knicks Haven't Released Him

Joakim Noah is frustrated the New York Knicks won't release him. He doesn't understand that he can fasten the process by making a deal and taking less money and they will let him go.

No, Noah is in it for the money. He is still owed $36 million by the Knicks for the two remaining years of the four year contract he signed. I don't blame Noah because this will be his last major big contract. Why would he pass up money like that?

If you are the Knicks, you are in a bad situation. No team wants to trade for Noah and its obvious why. He is not as good as he was before. The Knicks messed up by giving Noah that kind of money and are regretting it. The only thing to do is buy him out and the Knicks are most likely waiting to see if Noah does take a pay cut.

The only team that was rumored in pursing Noah was the Minnesota Timberwolves. Unfortunately for the Knicks, those rumors were untrue. No team wants Noah and any team that takes his contract is crazy. It is a waste of money and it will get a few people fired in the process.

As a Knicks fan, it is normal to see them dish out bad contracts. They are doing it less often as before but a few happen here and there. Noah's contract is the worst one in the NBA and that is saying something. One thing is certain, Noah has no future with the Knicks.

If the Knicks miraculously buy out now for a lower price than he is guaranteed, it is a win for them. For Noah, not so much. I don't know if another team will sign him. Why would they waste a roster spot on Noah when they can invest their time and money on a younger, more athletic player?

I think Noah is done in the NBA. He may have to go overseas if he wants to continue playing professional basketball. There always is one team willing to gamble but I think that isn't very likely considering how slow Noah is. He also is injury prone and misses a lot of games due to injury.

The chapter that is Noah may be coming to an end. He was a great player in Chicago but now, he barely even gets to play. The NBA is a ruthless league. You may be a superstar one day and forgotten the next.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir