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Kawhi Leonard Wants to be Traded But Spurs Won't Trade him

The Kawhi Leonard situation keeps getting crazier as each day passes by. Leonard has told the San Antonio Spurs he wants to be traded but the Spurs are not willing to part with him. Today, Leonard told the Spurs he wants to play for Los Angeles Lakers and is determined to end up there one way or another.

San Antonio has their hands tied at the moment because they don’t want to part with Leonard but he doesn’t want to stay. I have said if before and I’ll say it again; San Antonio has to trade Leonard. He doesn’t want to play for San Antonio and there’s nothing they can do to change that.

Leonard does not trust the Spurs and each day that passes makes that clearer. He is yelling at this point that he wants to leave and yet the Spurs are not hearing him. In this scenario, Leonard has the advantage because he can choose not to play and San Antonio will get absolutely nothing from it.

Yes, the Spurs will fine Leonard but they will not be able to replace his production. If they traded him, they would get something back make the most of it. Yet, the Spurs really want to keep Leonard. They need to face reality and come to terms that Leonard will not play for them next year one way or another.

One winner of the Leonard situation seems to be the Los Angeles Lakers. They are the favorites to land him because Leonard is from Los Angeles and wants to play for his hometeam. Unfortunately for the Lakers, the Spurs won’t listen to their trade offers at the moment. Los Angeles will keep trying as long as Leonard keeps demanding a trade.

All of Los Angeles’ efforts may be in vain because San Antonio doesn’t want to trade Leonard to a team in the Western Conference. The Spurs know better than anybody else how good Leonard is. I do think that this is something the Spurs should not think about. Yes, you don’t want to make a rival better but the Lakers aren’t the Spurs biggest threat.

Golden State is the best team in the West and as it is, the Spurs can’t defeat them. I’m not saying the Spurs shouldn’t try but they aren’t being realistic. They shouldn’t worry about the Lakers when most of the Western Conference teams are better than you.

If the Lakers are sending the Spurs the best trade package, the Spurs should accept it because you have improved your team to the best of your ability. So what if the Lakers get better? That is what they are supposed to do.

Expect Leonard to be traded and expect the Lakers to keep making offers. The Spurs don’t want to send Leonard to L.A. but Leonard is set to end up there and one of them is going to give in eventually.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir