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Kirk Cousins broke the NFL

It's impossible to gauge what Kirk Cousins is worth, unless you're Minnesota who say he's worth $84 million over three years. How in the world did we get to this? How did a guy drafted to be the back up to a Hesiman winner become the highest paid player in the NFL?

by BleacherReport
by BleacherReport

This is pretty much Washington's fault

Kirk Cousins has three 4,000 yard seasons, he owns Washington's single season passing yards record, is a one time Pro Bowler in 2016, and he was willing to take a cheap contract three years ago. Of course the logical thing for Washington to do at the time would have been locking down their starter for a reasonable amount when extension talks began. Instead Washington low balled him twice and used their franchise tag on him twice. Don't even get me started on the completely disorganized front office and a trade for an older QB to replace him.

by NFL Mocks
by NFL Mocks

Will he fit in Minnesota?

Yes? Hopefully? I can't really say. The Vikings already have an elite defense and the weak link in their run last year was their QB situation. Case Keenum was a fan favorite last year but not a long term solution, Bradford is never healthy, and Bridgewater suffered an unfortunate injury that threw him off track. Minnesota really didn't have any other option and it shows since they went all in for Kirk Cousins who has had flashes of brilliance. It may cost them in the long run though as they have guys like Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, Danielle Hunter, and Stefon Diggs all due for extensions.

Kirk Cousins is the first domino to fall

Sam Bradford signed with Arizona, Case Keenum to Denver, and Bridgewater is expected to sign with the Jets. Those are only small pieces though, as compared to what is to come. The fully guaranteed contract for Cousins sets a crazy new standard in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan are both due extensions and they will look at Cousins' deal and expect the same if not just keys to their respected cities. As noted by Doug Baldwin Jr, Cousins' contract is set to reshape the NFL landscape and how players approach free agency.

So where does this leave Kirk Cousins?

Rich. Very, very, rich and possibly on his way to even making more money. I'm sure being on a possible Super Bowl contender is also a plus, but Kirk Cousins has pretty much set himself up for life all while being above average. As for any of us who doubt Kirk Cousins, I think he can best sum it up below.

This article was originally published on @justin9944