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Klay Thompson Doesn't Want to Test Free Agency

The Golden State Warriors breathed a sigh of relief after hearing Klay Thompson say that he isn't interested in free agency much. Will he sign for less or will he end up walking away if the Warriors don't pay him?

I think that the Warriors will pay Thompson a lot of money. I don't think he will get a max contract from the Warriors. If he wants a max contract, he will have to leave but that seems less and less likely every day.

During media day, a reporter asked Thompson about testing free agency. Thompson replied “When guys go into free agency, they're looking for situations like mine. I'm content.”

Hearing that must have been the highlight from media day for Warrior fans. There have been grumbles about Thompson leaving. The Los Angeles Lakers have been betting on Thompson leaving and now are kicking themselves for their mishap.

Two weeks about, the Lakers let it slip that they prefer Thompson over Kawhi Leonard. I said that wasn't smart because if Thompson chooses to stay in Golden State, the Lakers will lose out on both Leonard and Thompson. No player wants to be told that he isn't wanted.

That's why the Los Angeles Clippers ended up being Leonard's favorite Los Angeles team. All because the Lakers couldn't keep their mouth shut. Now, the Lakers will most likely get neither player.

Thompson is a great player and the Warriors need him if they want to play at a high level. One thing is certain though, Thompson will make a lot of money no matter where he goes.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir