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Kyle O'Quinn Takes Shot At Knicks While Leaving

The New York Knicks are the joke of the NBA and one of their former players made a joke at their expense.

Center Kyle O’Quinn left the Knicks and signed to a much better team this summer. He will be playing for the Indiana Pacers next year and actually compete for a playoff spot. On his way out he had a couple of words for the Knicks.

“I wanted to play for something more than next year’s draft.” O’Quinn told reporters. Ouch. The Knicks felt that burn. You can’t even blame O’Quinn because what he said is true.

Next year is going to be a waste of a year for the Knicks. Kristaps Porzingis is not going to play in the beginning of the season due to injury and that is their main star power. Without him, the Knicks will not have a consistent scorer.

It will be a good way to get the young players experience. Ninth overall pick Kevin Knox will get lots of minutes and develop his game. That will help the Knicks the year after when they have a healthy roster and maybe ass a superstar or two that summer. Players have shown interest in playing for the Knicks and if the Knicks have their roster ready, they can compete right away.

When teams aim for long term plans, players that are in their prime are the ones that suffer. They have to give their best on a nightly basis just to not get embarrassed. The NBA is a creul place for players that aren’t on teams that are in the playoff race. There is not much they are playing for and losing can take its toll.

Losing O’Quinn won’t matter to the Knicks because they aren’t trying to win. They are trying to get a good lottery pick for the next NBA Draft and having a player like O’Quinn actually hurts their chances. He is a great defensive player and keep the Knicks in the game. That won’t be an issue now that he is gone.

One more year. That is what Knicks fans are thinking right now. After another losing year, the Knicks will be ready to compete in the Eastern Conference. They just have to land one superstar player and they will have a starting five able to compete on a nightly basis. Losing one more year will hardly matter to Knicks’ fans. We are used to this and are surprised when the Knicks do not lose.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir