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Lakers Have Many Players to Pick from to Sign Next Year

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a good position right now. They landed LeBron James this summer and have young players on the roster that are going to be great soon. They also were able to clear cap space and make room to sign another superstar next year. The question is who should they sign?

There are a lot of options to pick from. It will also depend on who actually is willing to leave and play for the Lakers. The biggest free agent next summer will be Kevin Durant. LeBron has contacted Durant about playing with him and now that the Lakers have the cap space to sign Durant, it may be a real possibility.

Will Durant leave the Golden State Warriors, the team he has won two straight NBA Finals with? That is going to be a hard decision for Durant because he looks like he is happy in San Francisco. I think the Lakers will have the chance to make a pitch to Durant and he will actually think about it. Whether he signs or not, I don't think anyone knows the answer and I don't think he does either.

Durant isn't the only Warrior the Lakers are going after. Klay Thompson is also going to be a free agent and the Lakers really would like to sign him. And why wouldn't they? He is one of the best shooters in the league and he can defend well. And he does this all while barely touching the ball.

Just like Durant, Thompson may end up resigning with the Warriors. He is happy there and he has become an integral part of the team. I can't see him leaving because he is so closely associated with the Warriors. But the Lakers will try to tempt him when his contract expires nonetheless.

The Lakers caught heat from me earlier this month when they made it known they preferred Thompson over Kawhi Leonard. While I can see why they would want Thompson, Leonard is much better than Thompson. Maybe the Lakers thought Thompson fits better with LeBron but don't make it known!

Leonard wants to play for the Lakers and they want him and tried to trade for him last year. He may be a Toronto Raptor for the upcoming season but he can end up with the Lakers if he wants to. Not many players have made their desire to play for the Lakers be known like Leonard. Time will tell if that ends up happening or not.

Other notable players that might end up with the Lakers next year include DeMarcus Cousins, Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving. The only reason I mentioned Irving is because he wants to play with Butler next year and Butler may sign with the Lakers. It is a stretch because Irving doesn't want to play with LeBron because he wants to cement his own legacy.

Being a Lakers fan must be fun because the possibilities are endless. They will most likely land at least one of these players next year. If they don't, they can wait the year after that and attempt to sign Anthony Davis. Even if they miss, they score.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir