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LeBron James Doesn't Like Houston Paul George Likes Oklahoma; Latest NBA News

The NBA season may be over but NBA related news is peaking because of players such as LeBron James and Paul George. Everyone wants to know where they will go and some rumors flying around may narrow their destinations.

You can’t mention NBA and not mention LeBron these days. His NBA Finals loss in four games, his legacy and his future destination are the hot topics right now. Even my articles lately have centered around him and that’s because his decision impacts every team in the NBA.

According to the latest rumors, James may not sign with the Houston Rockets this off-season because he “does not like Houston as a city.” Ouch. That’s gotta sting. If that is true, then the Rockets have no hope of landing James. He won’t sign with them and torture himself by living there. Unless he really hates the Golden State Warriors and wants revenge no matter what the cost.

Las Vegas thinks that Los Angeles has the best chance of landing him but I beg to differ. The Philadelphia 76ers have the best chance of landing LeBron because their roster is the most ready. If James does sign to the Lakers, he would still need to bring in another superstar to make a super-team.

Another reason why James may sign with Philly is because it’s in the Eastern Conference. If James plays in the Western Conference, getting out of the first round isn’t guaranteed. It would be a struggle to make it out of the Western Conference. If he stays in the East, he will only have the Boston Celtics as the only real competition.

After James, George is the most coveted free agent but that may all be for naught. According to rumors, George has taken a liking to Oklahoma. As I have said before, George may never win a title if he stays in Oklahoma but if he can get another superstar to join him there, he may have a chance. Not very likely a player will want to play in Oklahoma but they have landed players in the past. They just don’t seem to stay there for long.

Last but not least, let’s talk about Kawhi Leonard. He missed most of last season and isn’t a 100 percent as of yet. He is 97 percent there and should be fully healthy for training camp in September. That isn’t even the best news surrounding him. In February, the Celtics made an offer to the San Antonio Spurs for Leonard. That was something we should have heard about in February, not June!

The Spurs rejected the offer right away and didn’t send the Celtics a counter-offer. That is wise because they would have most likely wanted Kyrie Irving and that wasn’t going to happen. This should also make Kawhi trust the Spurs more because they didn’t even think of trading him (as far as we know).

The off-season is young but full of news! And the NBA Draft hasn’t even taken place yet. The regular season may be months away but we’ll be entertained until then!

This article was originally published on @ahaqir