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List of all the FIFA World Cup Finals

Some of the best footnallers of all time
Some of the best footnallers of all time

1930- Uruguay vs Argentina, Winner- Uruguay

It was the first ever football World Cup final. Dorado, Cea, Iriarte and Castro scored respective goals for Uruguay. For Argentina, Peucelle and Stabile scored one goal each. Uruguay won the match and the World with a score of 4-2 against Argentina.

1934- Italy vs Czechoslovakia, Winner- Italy

This was a very neck to neck competition between both the teams. Antonin Puc scored a goal for Czechoslovakia whereas Orsi and Angelo Schiavio scored one goal each for Italy. Italy won the match 2-1 and won their first World Cup.

1938- Italy vs Hungary, Winner- Italy

Italy created history by winning the World Cup for the second time in a row. Colaussi and Piola scored two goals each for Italy. For Hungary, Titkos and Gyorgi Sarosi scored one goal each. Italy won the match 4-2 in a handsome fashion and lifted the trophy.

1950- Uruguay vs Brazil, Winner- Uruguay

This was a historic world cup, as it took place after 12 long years. Uruguay and Brazil managed to reach the finals of the tournament. Uruguay played outstanding football and scored 2 goals. Brazil too tried hard, but came short and could manage only one goal. Uruguay won the world cup with a final score of 2-1 and won the trophy for the second time.

1954- West Germany vs Hungary, Winner- West Germany

It was the first time these two teams collided in the finals of the World Cup. While Morlock scored a goal, Rahn scored two goals for Germany. Puskas and Czibor scored a goal each for Hungary. It was the second time Hungary failed to win the final of the World Cup.

1958- Brazil vs Sweden, Winner- Brazil

This was one of the best performance if Brazil in the World Cup. Brazil scored 5 goals where Vava and Pele scored two each and Zagallo scored one goal. Liedholm and Simonsson scored one goal each for Sweden and thus lost the final with a score of 2-5. It was Brazil's first victory in the world cup.

1962- Brazil vs Czechoslovakia, Winner- Brazil

Brazil created history by winning this final and became the second team ever to win two finals in a row. Amarildo, Zito and Vava scored one goal each for Brazil. Only Masopust could manage a goal against Brazil. It was an outstanding game and Brazil won the match 3-1 and lifted the trophy.

1966- England vs West Germany, Winner- England

Germany reached the finals for the second time but failed to win it this time.England played fabulous football and won the match. Hurst alone scored three goals for his side. Peters scored one more goal and the total count was 4. Haller and Weber scored one goal each for Germany but they could not score more goals. England won the match with a score of 4-2.

1970- Brazil vs Italy, Winner- Brazil

After this world cup, Brazil became the first team ever to win 3 world cups in the history of football. Brazil scored 4 goals and won by a margin of three goals against Italy. Pele, Gerson, Carlos Alberto and Jairzinho each of them scored one goal. Boninsegna was the only Italian player to score a goal for his side. Brazil won the match 4-1.

1974- West Germany vs Netherlands, Winner- West Germany

Netherlands and Germany fought a valiant battle for the whole world to remember. Breitner and Muller scored a goal each for Germany. Neeskens on the other hand scored one goal for Netherlands. Germany won the match comfortably 2-1 and lifted the trophy for the second time.

1978- Argentina vs Netherlands, Winner- Argentina

Netherlands reached the final once again this year, but their fate remained same. Kempes scored two goals and Bertoni one and gave a score of 3 to Germany. For Netherlands, only Nanninga scored a goal and thus they ended up as runners.

1982- Italy vs West Germany, Winner- Italy

Italy became the second team ever to win three world cups after Brazil in this match. Rossi, Tardelli and Altobelli scored one goal each. Germany too played well but came up short and lost the match 1-3. Italy lifted the trophy and gave happiness to their fans across the globe.

1986- Argentina vs West Germany, Winner- Argentina

This was a brutal encounter between both these teams. Argentina manged to score 3 goals against a fabulous German side. Germany tried their level best but could pull off two goals. Argentina won the final with a score of 3-2.

1990- West Germany vs Argentina, Winner- West Germany

This match had nearly 73000 spectators and both the teams gave each other an outstanding fight. It was tough to pick a winner as both the teams found difficulty. However, Brehme managed to put the ball in the goal post for Germany and thus won the match 1-0.

1994- Brazil vs Italy, Winner- Brazil

Throughout this match none of the team could score a goal. It was then down to penalty shootout between the teams. Brazil could pull three penalties whereas Italy could score two. As a result, Brazil won the cup with a score of 3-2.

1998- France vs Brazil, Winner- France

Despite a strong fight from Brazil, France won the match quite comfortably. They scored 3 goals and Brazil failed to score any goals. Zidane scored two goals and Petit scored one. Thus, they won the match and won the world cup for the first time ever.

2002- Brazil vs Germany, Winner- Brazil

One of the best final's ever in the history of football. Brazil and Germany gave each other the toughest competition of the tournament in the finals. Despite that, Ronaldo (Brazilian player) managed to fool the opposition and successfully delivered the ball inside the goal post twice. Brazil won the match 2-0.

2006- Italy vs France, Winner- Italy

Italy and France competed against one another in a grueling encounter. Both the teams could score one goal each. The match got extended to the penalty shootout. Italy could put all the goals perfectly inside the goalpost. France failed to do the same and thus lost the match and the trophy both.

2010- Spain vs Netherlands, Winner- Spain

Netherlands tried their level best in this match but lost by one goal. Iniesta of Spain scored the goal for his team and became an overnight sensation. Netherlands lost the match by a margin of just one goal and thus failed to capture the World Cup trophy.

2014- Germany vs Argentina, Winner- Germany

It was the first time that a European nation had won the World Cup in the Americas. It also marked the first time that teams from the same continent had won three consecutive World Cups (following Italy in 2006 and Spain in 2010). Gotze was the only player to score a goal in this match and Germany won the World Cup.

2018- France vs Croatia, Winner- France

France won the World Cup after 20 long years. France scored a total of 4 goals and was dominant throughout the match. Croatia too tried a lot but was short of 2 goals. France won the match 4-2 and lifted the FIFA World Cup once again.

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