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Magic Interested in Signing Isaiah Thomas; Will he Help Them Make Playoffs?

The Orlando Magic are trying to bask in Isaiah Thomas’ former glory by trying to sign him. Thomas isn’t the same player he was two years ago before surgery and that will make him more affordable this free agency and a steal for the Magic.

Both parties have spoken to each other but haven’t reached a deal yet. This looks like it will most likely happen because not many teams will make a play for Thomas. While he is a great scorer, his size makes him a horrible defender.

Opposing teams constantly go after IT and there is little he can do about it, no pun intended. Teams have to hide him on defense and that isn’t an easy thing to do. A pick-and-roll will put Thomas against a player that is much bigger than him and will almost always lead to a basket.

Thomas is a great offensive player but he is better off the bench. As a starter, his lack of defense will hurt the team. I don’t think teams will have much success in making the playoffs if Thomas is a big part of the team. The Boston Celtics were able to make up for it by having good defenders on the team and a great defensive scheme where they were able to hide him often.

Can the magic turn it around with IT’s help? That will be something they will have to find out but it is a good gamble. He should come at a decent price tag unless the Magic decide to overpay for him which would be a poor investment. Thomas has been on three teams the last two years alone. He is often traded and it may turn out that way again if the Magic don’t like what they invested in.

Getting Thomas won’t help the Magic become a playoff team but they will get a reliable scorer off the bench. That alone can help them compete for a playoff spot. I believe the Magic can carve a playoff spot now that LeBron James is not in the Eastern Conference.

It would be nice if Thomas can finally find a home. He has been on the move too much and it has to take a toll on a player. Hopefully, the Magic like what they get from IT because he deserves a team that wants him for more than a year.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir