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Marcus Smart is Being Ignored by the Celtics and that May Cost Them Their Best Defender

Marcus Smart may be on his way out of Boston because the Celtics haven’t even reached out to him as of yet. Will not making an offer to Smart and letting him test the market cost them their best defender?

This may be a bad move by the Celtics because it makes little sense. Smart and his camp are “hurt and disgusted” by the Celtics lack of effort. Do the Celtics want to play with fire and lose Smart?

My only conclusion is that the Celtics want to see what’s available in free agency. They are searching and want to keep cap space open. However, they should have made Smart a decent offer and should have kept him happy. Now, Smart isn’t happy and may leave because he feels unappreciated.

It is frustrating when a player plays well and teams screw them over. Smart should have been treated like VIP because he was willing to take less money to return. Yet, he was forgotten and underappreciated and may leave as a result.

Players should not take a pay-cut and let teams cheat them out of millions. You are missing out on millions just to please a team. Yes, sometimes you have to take a paycut to join a team but that’s only if they team treats you well. That is not the case her. Smart should join another team and get paid what he has rightfully earned.

There are a few teams that will make a play for Smart. The Phoenix Suns, Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks and the Chicago Bulls will try to sign Smart. He is a great defensive player and gives it his all on every play.

Expect Smart to test the market as a form of payback. He is a free agent and now he will act like one without any loyalties. And the Celtics are fully to blame for this new-found freedom Smart will find.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir