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Meet The Unknown, But Soon-To-Be-Famous Patriots Star

by Instagram: @hnynut_berrios
by Instagram: @hnynut_berrios

With pick No. 210 in the 2018 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots selected a receiver out of Miami by the name of Braxton Berrios.

He's a 5-foot-9, 180-pound kid, who is known for his speed, route-running ability and aptitude for wild sideline catches, just like every other random receiver the Patriots have made famous over the past decade.

Whether Wes Welker or Julian Edelman, pick whichever you want, Berrios is the next one.

It's funny, anyone who has watched a Miami game over the past season has seen Berrios and said, “he's the next nobody that the Patriots will turn into a star.”

We had no idea how right we would be.

Everyone had to chuckle a little bit at the fact that this all came full circle, but it's surprising nonetheless that Berrios has flown relatively under the radar up to this point.

Braxton Berrios reacts to being drafted by the Patriots. — by Instagram: @hnyut_berrios
Braxton Berrios reacts to being drafted by the Patriots. — by Instagram: @hnyut_berrios

He recorded only 52 receptions, 634 yards and nine touchdowns last season, but the stat sheet isn't where he raised eyebrows, it was on his tape.

Berrios was an artist when it came to making a catch with limited space. When you watch his film, you will see that he always tries to get what is considered “two feet” down as he secures the ball. Even though it wasn't necessary at the college level, he was noticeably good at it. Brady will enjoy having a young receiver who's already experienced at making tough catches.

Berrios possesses elite quickness. If you give him space as this UNC cornerback did, he's going to hurt you, especially near the goal line. What I like most about this play is that Berrios didn't shake his defender with his stutter steps and it didn't even matter. Berrios made just one cut and it was enough separation for him to score the touchdown.

Another noteworthy quality of Berrios is his fearlessness to go over the middle. In fact, that's where he seemed to do most of his work.

I'm not even sure how he came down with this one:

The final thing to note about Berrios is his high football IQ. It seems like he wins balls just by knowing what to do at the right time. On this back-shoulder throw, Berrios waits until the ball is halfway to him to make his adjustment. Too many times receivers make that adjustment too soon and give the cornerback time to react, but not Berrios. These kinds of throws are almost impossible to defend if executed correctly, and it's something that could make Berrios a star much sooner than later.

He's shifty, athletic, gifted, smart and the next big thing in New England. I'm sure Bill Belichick can't wait to have fun with him on the field in 2018.

This article was originally published on @jdajani