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MLB Top 10 Second Baseman Heading into 2019

by Glenn Kaplan
by Glenn Kaplan

Second baseman don't need the strongest arms. It might be one of the most weakest positions in all of baseball. Having a very good second baseman is a bonus for a baseball team. Who are the Top 10 second baseman heading into the 2019 MLB season?

10. Jason Kipnis (CLE): Kipnis is a very good fielder. He usually bats at the top of the order for the Indians. His batting average last season was only .230 with 18 home runs and 75 RBI's, along with seven stolen bases. Jason Kipnis's on-base percentage was .315.

9. Whitley David Merrifield (KC): Merrfieild was on one of the worst teams in baseball a year ago, but he actually had a solid 2018 season. His batting average was .304 with 12 home runs and 60 RBI's, along with 45 stolen bases. Whitley David Merrfield's on-base percentage was .367.

8. Robinson Cano (NYM): Cano missed more than half of the season in 2018 because he tested positive for a banned substance. When Robinson Cano was on the field, he was very productive for the Seattle Mariners. His batting average was .303 with 10 home runs and 53 RBI's. Cano's on-base percentage was .374. He is 36 years old.

7. Asdrubal Cabrera (TEX): Cabrera played with the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies last season. He was very good and Asdrubal Cabrera will be helpful with the Texas Rangers. He is still very good in the field. His batting average last season was .262 with 23 home runs and 75 RBI's. Cabrera's on-base percentage was .316.

6. Jed Lowrie (NYM): Lowrie had the best year of his career last season with the Oakland Athletics. He was an All-Star. Jed Lowrie signed with the New York Mets in the offseason and he will be used all over the field. His batting average last season was .267 with 23 home runs and 99 RBI's. Lowrie's on-base percentage was .353.

5. Max Muncy (LAD): Muncy had the best year of his major league career last season. He played most of his games last season at second base. Max Muncy provided power to this lineup last season. His batting average was .263 with 35 home runs and 79 RBI's, along with three stolen bases. Muncy's on-base percentage was .391.

4. Ozzie Albies (ATL): Albies is only 22 years old. He made a major impact for the Atlanta Braves. Ozzie Albies was a spark plug for this team and he was an All-Star last season. Albies was one of the reasons why Atlanta won the NL East. He is one of their cornerstone pieces moving forward. His batting average last season was .261 with 24 home runs and 72 RBI's, along with 14 stolen bases. Ozzie Albies's on-base percentage was .305.

3. Scotter Gennett (CIN): Gennett was impressive once again last season for the Cincinnati Reds. He made it to the All-Star Game in 2018. Scotter Gennett will be one of the key players once again in Cincinnati's lineup this season. His batting average was .310 with 23 home runs and 92 RBI's, along four stolen bases. Gennett's on-base percentage was .357.

2. Jose Altuve (HOU): Altuve won the AL MVP Award in 2017. He is only 5'6”, but Jose Altuve plays with a ton of heart. He was injured for part of the 2018 season and that cost him the number one spot on these rankings. His batting average was .316 with 13 home runs and 61 RBI's, along with 17 stolen bases. Jose Altuve's on-base percentage last season was .386.

1. Javier Baez (CHC): Baez was very impressive for the Chicago Cubs last season. He was very consistent for Chicago and it very possible he was going to win the NL MVP Award until outfielder Christian Yelich of the Milwaukee Brewers got hot late in the year and he won the NL MVP. Javier Baez's batting average last season was .290 with 34 home runs and 111 RBI's, along with 21 stolen bases. His on-base percentage was .326.

This article was originally published on @gk18