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No one wants to trade for John Wall

by Josiah Williams
by Josiah Williams

The NBA is full of talented point guards and one of them is up for grabs. The problem is no one is reaching out for him. John Wall’s trade market is as dry as the Sahara Desert.

On Friday, Bobby Marks of reported that the Washington Wizards have struggled to find a team that would trade for Wall. Despite being a five-time All-Star, no one wants to take on his current contract. In fact, his current deal is arguably the most difficult one to handle in recent memory.

Granted, every player in this league can be traded, but the Wall extension right now is the toughest contract I have seen a team try to move in 20 years,” One team executive said. Wall has a four-year deal worth $169 million.

Next season, Wall is expected to earn $37.8 million. According to Sportac, that’s tied the fourth highest salary next to James Harden. Wall is talented, but teams don’t think he deserves that much money. Stephen A. Smith went off on his contract situation.

In the next three years, Wall is scheduled to make over $40 million per season. In 2022, Wall is scheduled to make over $46 million in 2021. That’s insane. One team executive said, “I couldn't look my owner in the eye and tell him there is value with the player even if we didn't have to trade anything of significance.”

John Wall has put up decent numbers but has always been more like a second-tier player. A second-tier player is a good but not great player. This type of player typically puts up decent numbers but fails to reach the elite or top-tier level.

In a nutshell, Wall’s talent level and skill set don’t equal his current contract. One could say he is overpaid. At the same time, the Wizards should take blame in this situation as well. They made a ridiculous deal and now they are sort of stuck with him.

The Wizards may have to throw in a few more assets to convince a team to trade for Wall. However, sources close to Kyle Berger of Bleachers Report, the chances of trading him is becoming increasingly unlikely. One Western Conference executive said, “No one will take that contract.”

As of now, it appears all these trade rumors are purely speculative. Unless a dead clock strikes twelve twice, Wall is not going anywhere. The Wizards are going to have to trade everyone else around him.

This article was originally published on @uwj014