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Nobody Wants Dez Bryant

by Youtube: SourceFed
by Youtube: SourceFed

When Dez Bryant walked out of the Cowboys’ facility for the last time in April, he reportedly told his former employers that he would see them twice this year. I thought that at least one NFC East team would have reached out to him by now, but it appears that’s not the case.

On Wednesday, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter said that there is little interest in Bryant around the NFL. The only team that has reached out to Bryant with a contract was the Baltimore Ravens, who offered Bryant $7 million a year for multiple years, which Bryant turned down.

His camp has said that he wants a one-year deal so he can prove to everyone that he’s still an NFL star, and then sign a large multi-year deal that will carry him to the end of his career.

Cowboys scouting chief Will McClay was very critical of Bryant recently, saying that Bryant was inconsistent in multiple facets of his game and that his release was a move that had to be made in a “production-based business.”

Schefter said that these feelings are shared by other teams in the league, but that’s not even the most troubling part of Bryant’s nightmare.

According to Schefter:

“There are far more teams that are unwilling to pay Dez Bryant the veteran minimum than there are teams willing to give him the veteran minimum type contract right now.”

It’s not just that Bryant can’t find a decent one-year deal to prove himself, he’s having trouble finding a deal, period.

I think that he’s going to find work at some point, although the financial aspects won’t be near what he was expecting two months ago.

Regardless, I’m surprised at how this situation has panned out.

Has Bryant been inconsistent? Absolutely.

Has he not had a good season since 2014? You bet.

Are his best years behind him? Sure.

But there’s no question that he’s talented and still has tread left on the tires. He’s only eight years into his NFL career.

I understand that his ego could be considered a problem, but this must be an extremely humbling experience for Bryant. One day, you think you’re a star on “America’s team,” and the next, you have teams guffawing at the thought of offering you a veteran minimum contact.

He’s going to have to accept that right now, he’s not a No. 1 receiving option in the NFL. But if my team ends up signing Bryant for the veteran minimum, I will be pretty happy.

This article was originally published on @jdajani