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Opinion: Why The Miz should win Men's Money in the Bank match

Miz should be the Money in the Bank winner  — by Rajarshi Banerjee
Miz should be the Money in the Bank winner  — by Rajarshi Banerjee

Miz is one of the best entertainers WWE has at present. He is a former WWE Champion, eight times Intercontinental Champion, two-time United States Champion, two-time World Tag Team Champion and four times WWE Tag Team Champion in the WWE. Miz also won the RAW Money in the Bank match in 2010, the Mixed Tag Team Challenge with Asuka and is the fifth Grand Slam Champion (under the current format and fourteenth overall), the twenty-fifth Triple Crown Champion and also two times Slammy award winner. In short, he is perhaps the most accomplished WWE superstar that there in the current roster of SmackDown.

Miz defeated Jeff Hardy to qualify and enter the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder match. He is one of the hot favorites to win this contest. Miz has done it previously and cashed in his contract successfully and became the WWE Champion. This year, chances are that it might happen again.

If Miz win's the match, there are a lot of positive angles which can be brought into effect. Miz can face either AJ Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura and it would be really entertaining for the WWE Universe. It has been a long time since Miz has won any World Championship and thus it would be a nice idea.

Also, Daniel Bryan and Miz have a lot of animosity between them. Bryan can cost the Miz and prevent his successful cashing of the contract. This could be a perfect way to rekindle the old rivalry between Miz and Daniel Bryan. Bryan and Miz have a lot of unfinished business and it could lead to a high-voltage match between the duo at WrestleMania.

Another story-line which can be put forward by the WWE management is a triple threat match between Miz, AJ Styles, and Shinsuke Nakamura. This will be fascinating as Miz and Nakamura never had an encounter before. Fans across the globe would love this contest.

Miz has been a WWE Champion before and delivered some jaw-dropping promos in WWE. He is capable of making any pedestrian thing look unconventional. If Miz wins the contract and becomes a Champion, it will open up new plots for the WWE Championship. Players like Samoa Joe, Big Cass and others can challenge him for the title. It will also be beneficial from WWE's viewpoint, as Miz can single-handedly boost the rating of SmackDown Live. Miz can sell arenas and could contribute to high viewership. Thus, if Miz wins the Money in the Bank Ladder match, it would be 'best for business'.

This article was originally published on @rajjo