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Paul George and LeBron James to Discuss Signing with Lakers; Rockets to Make Play for George

According to the latest rumors, the Houston Rockets are interested in signing Paul George this off-season. But the Rockets aren’t the only ones coveting George. LeBron James and George may both sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

George is a very popular player apparently. The fact that even James wants to team up with him says a lot. Those two on the same team will be a scary match-up for every team. The Lakers can build a super-team right away by signing those two but will both James and George end up signing with the Lakers or somewhere else?

After watching the 2018 NBA Finals, it is obvious James is going to walk away. The Cleveland Cavaliers don’t have the talent to keep James there. Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are making a mockery out of the 2018 Cavaliers but that was expected. It will be a win for the Cavs if they don’t get swept which is saying a lot because they have the best player in the league and still aren’t favored to win a game.

On the other side, George may stay with the Oklahoma Thunder. Mostly, out of loyalty than anything else. The Thunder were horrible in the playoffs and their dismal performance is more than enough reason to leave. George, however has said on record that he likes being in Oklahoma. That doesn’t mean he will stay but his experience there was a good one and might affect his decision in free agency.

Unluckily for the Thunder, the Rockets want to steal another star from them. Last time it was James Harden, now it’s George. The Rockets have to focus on resigning Chris Paul first but they are also trying to build a roster that can dismantle the Warriors’ reign over the Western Conference. If the Rockets can somehow afford him, then they have a chance. Everyone saw how dominant the Rockets were last year and were able to force a game 7 against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

James also knows how it feels to lose to the Warriors as he has lost to them in two NBA Finals and will try to build a super-team to dethrone them. James by himself has given the Warriors trouble and with a couple of superstar players by his side, he can beat the Warriors consistently. If George for some reason doesn’t join James in Los Angeles, there will be many other players that will join him without a second thought.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir