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Phoenix Suns Plan to Trade Trevor Ariza

After going out and signing forward Trevor Ariza this off-season, the Phoenix Suns are now regretting that decision. Instead, the plan to trade Ariza after December 15th, when the team will be allowed to trade Ariza.

If I was Ariza, I would gladly leave the Suns. They are not good this year despite having some talent on the roster. When Ariza signed with them, people thought that the Suns would get better but that hasn't been the case.

Now, Ariza can go to another team and help them make a playoff push. One team that will definitely be interested is the Houston Rockets, Ariza's former team.

James Harden and the Rockets have fallen from being the number one seed in the Western Conference last year to not even being in the playoff picture. Having a great offense is great but without good defense, the offensive output is wasted.

The Rockets have found out the hard way how much they needed Ariza. If the Rockets do go after Ariza, this whole debacle will be funny. They could have paid him but nope, they opted to choose to play without him and that hasn't worked out well.

There should be a few other offers for Ariza because getting a great defender who can spread the offense is exactly what NBA teams want in this day and age. He will fit right in and help the team's defense improve quickly.

The Suns on the other hand don't mind losing. They are 4-19 and they like their odds to land a great draft pick. This is the one year teams will go out of their way to lose and draft Zion Williamson.

No matter where Ariza goes, he will still be the winner in this situation. He got paid his $15 million and gets to leave Phoenix! Christmas came early for Ariza this year.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir