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Rockets Really Want Jimmy Butler

The Houston Rockets are trying to trade for Jimmy Butler and are in intense talks to land him. Will the Minnesota Timberwolves trade him to the Rockets?

The biggest issue I can see with this trade is Butler being traded to another team in the Western Conference. Especially the Rockets because they beat the Wolves in the playoffs last year. There are going to be hurt feelings and the Wolves will try to trade to other teams before the Rockets.

Another issue is whether or not Butler wants to go to the Rockets. Does he want to join a team that is as stacked as the Wolves? That remains to be seen since there hasn't been much in the news about Butler's interest in Houston.

I still think that the Miami Heat are favorites to land Butler. If he actually gets traded there is another matter because the Wolves asking price is very high. If I have learned anything from the last few years, teams will not give up much for a player on the last year of his contract. Why risk trading for a player when he will be a free agent in less than a year?

The Timberwolves are at a disadvantage because they will have to trade him. Teams can wait until the asking price decreases. Another thing I have noticed is that the player usually gets traded to a team nobody expected.

As of right now, I think Butler can end up on about 10 different teams. He is very popular and rightfully so. He is a great scorer and a better defender. Acquiring him will make teams much better of the defensive end and have a reliable offensive player.

The Rockets have offered Eric Gordon for Butler but that may not be enough. Butler is worth a lot and the Rockets are hesitant to part with young players they like. It will be a battle of which team can make the best offer without hurting their roster much. Because one thing is certain; Butler will be traded.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir