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Rockets Sign Austin Rivers Which Is Weird Considering Chris Paul Dislikes Rivers

The Houston Rockets have been busy trying to acquire new players so they can get back to their winning ways. And that has led them to sign Austin Rivers. Will the Rockets collapse internally because of this move?

Signing Rivers is interesting because Chris Paul and Rivers have had issues with each other. One of the reasons why Paul left the Rockets was because he didn't like the treatment Rivers got from his dad/coach Doc Rivers. Last year, the Rockets tried to go into the Los Angeles Clippers locker to confront Rivers.

Times have changed. Now, Paul and the Rockets will be openly welcoming Rivers. The reason why the Rockets are going to sign him is because of a hamstring injury to Paul. He will be out for the next two-three weeks.

The question that everyone will be asking is whether the Rockets will get along. Paul signed off on the Rockets signing of Rivers. That is a good sign but it can be misleading. Paul wouldn't want to come off as selfish so I think he could only have given one answer.

I say that because his character has been under attack this year. After the fight with Rajon Rondo, some players came out and agreed with Rondo that Paul was a bad teammate. That alone wouldn't have been enough to discredit Paul but what happened with Paul and the Clippers proves that Rando is right to a certain extent.

Ignoring all the drama, it will be fun to see Rivers with a team that will let him play his game. He should do well and may even be enough of a spark to get the Rockets going because they really need it.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir