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Rookie Scouting Report: Derrius Guice

Guice is ready to slash through defenses after an unfortunate fall in the draft — by Stephen Lew/USA Today Sports
Guice is ready to slash through defenses after an unfortunate fall in the draft — by Stephen Lew/USA Today Sports

After suffering an unforeseen fall in this year’s draft, Guice is ready to wreak havoc on the NFC East. He should slot ahead of veterans like Christian Thompson and Robert Kelly. His combination of size, power, quickness will help him to slash through opposing defenses. But he will have a big task going up against the defending champs twice as a rookie. Guice is a workhorse that should allow for the Redskins to pound the ball and take pressure off of new quarterback, Alex Smith.




-Workhorse mentality

-Chip on his shoulder



-Fell in the draft because he walked out of draft meeting

-Only one year of elite production

The Redskins have been looking for a bell cow for their offense and found one when Guice suffered a freefall in the second round. His vision will allow him to take advantage of the holes present in the defense and should allow him to slash his way through for extra yards. His power is deadly when used with his quickness. He is not afraid to run over someone when he gets his momentum going. He also has a chip on his shoulder after his fall in the draft and is ready to unleash that attitude on the NFL.

Despite all of his talent he did fall in the draft because of an incident in the draft process. Apparently he walked out of a meeting and there was an investigation into the questions that were asked him. He also only has one year of elite production at LSU after sitting behind Leonard Fournette. He will have to prove that he is more than just a one year wonder. Lastly, he needs to prove what he has in the hands department. At LSU he was not asked to catch the ball all of the time and will have to prove that he can do that in the NFL.

by Tyler Davis
by Tyler Davis

NFL Comparison: Michael Turner

Michael Turner terrorized defenses with his combination of speed and power. He also had the vision to turn short runs into longer ones. This is the exact skill set that Guice will bring to the table for the Redskins. He should fill a similar early down role for them while Thompson handles the third down duties. Guice should find plenty of room behind this solid offensive line and should do for the Redskins, what Turner did for the Falcons: provide a pounding runner that can take the air out of the ball and allow the team to control the flow of the game.

This article was originally published on @td_writer78