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Rookie Scouting Report: Lamar Jackson

Jackson is working hard in camp to impress coaches and find ways onto the field. — by
Jackson is working hard in camp to impress coaches and find ways onto the field. — by

The Ravens sent a message to the AFC North when they traded back into the first round to draft Lamar Jackson 32nd overall last month. They also sent a message to Joe Flacco. The Ravens are going to have a dynamic offense that is difficult to stop. Jackson will most likely take the reins by week six of this year for the Ravens. That means that you should be setting your alarms for Week 7 of this season if you are a Ravens fan. Because that is the week that the Ravens begin to set the NFL world on fire.


-Elusiveness, most elusive quarterback since Mike Vick

-Pocket presence

-Football IQ

-Arm Strength

-Deep Accuracy


-Short Accuracy

-Very thin frame

-Needs to develop as a pocket passer

Jackson is an insane athlete that is ready to terrorize NFL defenses with his legs and with his arm. He has the speed and elusiveness to break ankles in the NFL but also has the ability to attack from the pocket. Jackson will be the most electrifying quarterback to play since Mike Vick. Except, he is more polished from the pocket than Vick was. He understands that his legs should not be his first option.

The biggest worry with Jackson is if he can win from the pocket. But as a senior at Louiseville, he showed the ability to attack from the pocket. He showed that he did not have to rely on his legs to win. But another huge question mark he faces, is if he can manage to stay healthy as he slips his way through opposing defenses. Every running quarterback has dealt with this problem from Mike Vick to Cam Newton to Robert Griffin III. Jackson will have to prove that he can be smart enough to turn off the switch and slide in order to avoid a huge hit.

by Scott Henry / Marin Independent Journal
by Scott Henry / Marin Independent Journal

Pro Comparison: Steve Young

A comparison to Vick would just be lazy at this point. Yes, Jackson is an unbelievable athlete, but he also has the passing ability that he will need to survive. Jackson is more accurate than people give him credit for, and he has the arm to hit the deep ball. Jackson also will fit well with a team that has a solid running game to take the pressure off of him. Their line will be another tool for them to be able to keep him upright. He should be able to make a case for Rookie of the Year when (not if) he finds his way onto the field.

This article was originally published on @td_writer78