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San Antonio Should Decide What to Do With Kawhi Leonard Very Soon

The San Antonio Spurs only focus this summer should be to resign forward Kawhi Leonard. That is, if he still wants to play for the Spurs. If he wants out, the Spurs should trade him as soon as possible and get the most for him or they will have another year of drama surrounding the team.

It all comes down to how Leonard feels. If he feels like he can thrive with the Spurs, the Spurs should make sure he does thrive. He is a superstar and can make the Spurs great in the near future. He is a gifted defensive player and he has gotten better on the offensive end a lot.

That’s only if Kawhi wants to be a Spur. If he wants to leave, the Spurs should trade him. Last year. there was a lot of drama around the Spurs. That is an odd sentence because the Spurs never cause much drama. Yes, he is an amazing player but the Spurs will be dysfunctional if their best player isn’t happy and chaos is never a good choice.

San Antonio can get a lot back for Leonard if they do decide to trade him. He will be coveted by half of the NBA teams. Some people are going to look at the Cleveland Cavaliers scenario with Kyrie Irving and say that that is what will happen to the Spurs. Irving’s trade was ill-managed and everyone knows it.

But what choice did Cleveland have? Irving didn’t want to be there and that would have been a weird season where turmoil would have followed the team everywhere. The Spurs can learn from the Cavs mistakes and let’s be honest, the Spurs are a much smarter organization. They can make sure they get the right trade value for Leonard.

I think the best decision for the Spurs would be to trade Leonard for a star player and a first round pick. LaMarcus Aldridge has played great the past year and if he gets help from another star, the Spurs can make a run. Plus, a draft pick in the hands of the Spurs is sure to turn out well.

For everybody’s sake, the Spurs should sort this mess out before heading into the season. We don’t need another year of drama in the Spurs organization.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir