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Should Lebron James join the Houston Rockets?

by Getty images
by Getty images

The NBA off-season is only a week away and as we inch closer to NBA free agency, we are still waiting to see which direction is LeBron James leaning towards. There are rumors flying everywhere and speculation from media members on where he could land. With the latest being from former ESPN analyst Bill Simmons.

Simmons tweeted, “I still think LeBron is going to LA - but if the Sixers can create a Simmons/Embiid/Kawhi/LeBron scenario for him, how does he not seriously consider that?”

With teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers picking up steam from the past few weeks that leaves the Houston Rockets on the outside looking in. Is there still a chance Lebron takes his talents to Houston? Should he?

In order for Lebron to go to Houston, the Rockets would have to make a lot of adjustments to their roster. James Harden has a max contract, Clint Capela is getting paid huge amounts of money and Chris Paul is looking for a max contract as well. Lebron is looking for nothing but the max and it will be interesting to see how they make the money work. But if they can, Lebron best bet to compete for the title and beat the Warriors next season will be in Houston.

Lebron’s title chances The Houston Rockets came within 9 points of beating the Golden State Warriors and advancing to the NBA Finals this past season and many believed that if Chris Paul hadn’t gone down they’d win. Add Lebron to that same team and it’s almost guaranteed to be a lock. Now as stated earlier, it’s not a guarantee that same team will be back but with a core of Harden, Paul, and Capela, that should be enough for the King to get back to the Finals.

Playing with Chris Paul and James HardenLebron James has stated that he’s looking to play off the ball in the latter stages of his career and at 33 that time is now. What better place (other than the Warriors) to play off the ball then on a team with two elite ball handlers and play makers.

Chris Paul is still one of the best point guards in the game and the best pure point guard in the league. Paired with James Harden, the two have played well together. Lebron joining that duo can give him the opportunity to play less minutes and be less of a demand on offense. Lebron playing with those two will take the pressure off of him and allow him to play his game.

Now it’s going to be hard to pull off, but the Rockets should be the number one spot that James should look for. We’ll see what happens as the NBA free agency opens next Sunday. Where do you think Lebron will land? Comment below and thanks for reading!

This article was originally published on @mcantave21