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Should Rajon Rondo Start Over Lonzo Ball?

The Los Angeles Lakers decided that Rajon Rondo will be starting as the point guard over Lonzo Ball when the season starts. Is this the right move or does Ball deserve to start?

Last year, the Lakers looked great with Ball as their point guard. He has great vision and is a willing passer. Instead of letting Ball develop, he will now be playing with the second unit and will see his minutes reduced. That is an unexpected development considering how sold the Lakers are on Ball.

What happened? You don't praise a player all summer and then bench him. I think that the Lakers ended up choosing veteran leadership over developing Ball. They want to win now and they think Rondo gives them a better chance. Does he?

It is a tricky question because they both do the same things. Both are willing passers and not the best shooters. That is why they choose the player with more experience. However, I think that in a few weeks, Ball will be starting instead of Rondo.

That is a bold statement but I think it will happen. The main reason I believe Rondo is starting is because LeBron James most likely wanted Rondo to start. But James will regret that choice after he sees how bad Rondo is on defense.

Rondo doesn't try on defense like he used to to in his younger days. Instead, he gets beat constantly and that will show since the Lakers don't have a great shot blocker. In New Orleans, the Pelicans has Anthony Davis protecting the rim. Now, Rondo won't have Davis saving him when he gets beat.

Ball on the other hand is a good defender. He stays in front of his player and his big size makes it tough for them to shoot over him. This is going to be the main reason why Ball starts later on in the season.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir