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Tennessee Titans Hit the Mark with Their New Threads

The Titans' new threads  — by Tennessee Titans
The Titans' new threads  — by Tennessee Titans

On Wednesday evening, the Titans ushered in their 20th season in Nashville with a ceremony where they released their new uniforms.

This is the first major aesthetic change that the team has made since they arrived in 1999, and the fans showed up by the thousands to check out their team’s new look.

The uniform redesign project began in 2014, and these new Nike Vapor Untouchable jerseys and pants are 29 percent lighter than the uniforms worn last season.

Earlier this week on Monday, a picture of a new Titans jersey was posted online and quickly spread on Twitter:

The next day, the NFL announced that they were going to be investigating the source of the photograph, which made it seem like the uniform in the picture had to be real because why else would the NFL get involved?

It turns out the picture was pretty spot-on, but I’m sure that you will agree that the jersey looks way better on a player than just the retail version at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The Titans' new jerseys — by Tennessee Titans
The Titans' new jerseys — by Tennessee Titans

The biggest change of course was the helmet, which was formerly white with two blue stripes and is now navy blue. The other big change is the number font, which now look more like Greek or Roman lettering.

One of the biggest questions was if the Titans were going to keep their fireball logo and “flaming thumbtack,” and even though fans are somewhat divided on it, I’m glad to see that it’s going to be around for the future.

The Titans' "color rush" jerseys will be worn twice a year — by Jordan Dajani
The Titans' "color rush" jerseys will be worn twice a year — by Jordan Dajani

Overall, I think the Titans did a great job with the new unis. It’s a fresh new look that didn’t try too hard to be flashy or futuristic like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tried to do.

The Titans kept their three main jerseys, the white, navy and color rush, but just made a few changes. Apart from the number font, the big change to the jersey was the gray shoulders and the red Nike checks, which accent the uniform nicely.

The fan response was mostly positive, although some were underwhelmed.

Whatever your opinion may be, Wednesday night was a big success for the Titans and for the city of Nashville. This team has been on the rise for the past couple of years and you can tell the fans are really starting to support them.

I can understand if you think having a big ceremony followed by a Florida-Georgia Line concert for a jersey unveiling that could just simply be done on Twitter would be dumb, but everyone there was really excited and turned Wednesday night into quite the party.

On top of that, the Titans did a great job with the uniforms, bringing a new fresh look that didn't stray too far from the threads of the team that brought the NFL to Nashville just under 20 years ago.