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The Best Workout Routine for Losing Weight Revealed By Science

by Adrian Cruce
by Adrian Cruce

Devising the perfect workout routine requires a careful balance to be struck between cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises. Both are vital components in our overall fitness and are the most effective means to encourage weight loss.

A senior exercise physiologist from the New York University Langone health project, Heather Milton, recently revealed the results of a number of years of research into the most effective exercise routines for losing weight.

Finding the Right Exercises

by Adrian Cruce
by Adrian Cruce

In order to maximize fat loss, the best kinds of exercise are those that can be maintained for a prolonged period of time. Exercises that use the broadest range of muscle groups are also more efficient at burning through fat.

Everyone has a different set of preferences as to what routines they feel comfortable attempting when at the gym and it is important that whatever exercise routine you devise, it is one that you enjoy and will be able to commit to. It is no good setting yourself an unattainable goal that will only lead to frustration.

There are a number of different activities that you can combine to achieve the greatest weight loss. The most common cardiovascular workouts come in the form of eithers stairs or treadmills. Again, it is up to you which you prefer, you could even divide your time between both.

As long as you’re working out hard and getting your heart rate up then you can’t go too far wrong. Once you achieve and sustain a moderate intensity workout, your heart rate will increase, along with your breathing rate. By increasing both of these, you encourage your body to burn more energy in the form of fat, which aids in weight loss.

If you need some inspiration for exercises to incorporate into your routine then there are now a range of smartphone apps available which can recommend particular exercises to you. Choose those that you are comfortable with and that you really end up using every single day.

Combine Exercises

It is generally advised that you combine this cardiovascular exercise with some form of strength exercise such as weightlifting. This will help to raise your metabolism. Maintaining a higher metabolism inside and outside the gym will contribute to your overall health. If you can find time outside the gym to take up running or jogging then this will give you enhanced benefits.

High Intensity Training

by Adrian Cruce
by Adrian Cruce

The higher the intensity that you can sustain when working out, the more efficiently you will burn off fat. If you haven’t been to the gym in some time, then begin with low to moderate intensity exercises and work your way up to the more difficult stuff. Once you are able to sustain a high intensity cardiovascular workout, you will be able to lose weight at the maximum possible rate.

Strength Training

by Adrian Cruce
by Adrian Cruce

The general belief for years was that you need to run or do aerobic style fitness routines to lose weight. The truth is that this is going to work but not at the rate that is the highest possible, which is what you most likely want right now. When you want to lose a lot of weight fast, in a natural way, you have to raise your heart rate and make your body burn as many calories as possible.

One of the best ways to achieve that high cardiovascular rate and constantly lose weight is to perform strength training routines. They have been proven to be highly effective at burning fat, more than those flashy aerobics and fitness sessions at the gym.

So What Is The Best Workout Routine For Weight Loss?

The best routine is the one that is going to burn as many calories as possible. This is strength training but can be replaced with any other routine that you are comfortable with, as long as it is properly executed. At the same time, constantly changing routine helps since the body does not get used to what you do and you should seriously consider higher intensity training.

Devising the perfect workout routine to optimize weight loss will require dedication and a good mental attitude. Once you have identified a set of cardiovascular and strength exercises you then need to build up to sustaining them as long as possible. Also, never forget about the importance of proper nutrition. You have to be sure that the body gets all the fuel it needs to actually be able to burn the right calories, which is obviously fat.

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