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The NBA coaching carousel is back

by NBC Sports
by NBC Sports

Last season, no coach was fired for the first time in 46 years in the NBA. As of this today the season has claimed five head coaches, two of which were announced just this morning. Let's look at who was fired and who else is feeling the heat.

Our NBA “you're fired” list so far

Jason Kidd

The Bucks were under achieving with Kidd as their defense was a mess, their offense was stagnant and his decision making with rotations/subs was head scratching. The fact the Bucks fired him mid season though was shocking, as mid season coach changes never seem to end well. The Bucks appointed Joe Prunty as interim head coach, but their coaching search will begin once the playoffs end. The ability to work with a still young core and budding Giannis should be appealing to anyone.

David Fizdale

by USA Today
by USA Today

I like Fizdale, he's provides a no nonsense old school approach to coaching. Unfortunately he was dealt a really bad hand in Memphis with an aging Marc Gasol, a broken Chandler Parsons, and a forever injured Mike Conley. Fizdale being fired seemed more out of mercy rather than disappointment. Reports are David Fizdale is a top candidate for the now vacant Knicks job.

Jeff Hornacek

We all knew this was coming. Hornacek was a left over from the disastrous Phil Jackson era New York Knicks. While his Knicks squad was a surprise early, the Kristaps injury and a harder schedule sealed his fate. When your best player is Michael Beasley, you might as well have your bags already packed up and ready to go.

Frank Vogel

by ClutchPoints
by ClutchPoints

I will never understand why Frank Vogel took the Orlando Magic job two seasons ago. Orlando has been relegated to the new NBA Siberia and haven't gotten any closer to being relevant again since Dwight Howard left. Vogel was a putrid 53-111 in the two seasons there and thankfully Orlando fired him so he can join a more competent franchise.

Earl Watson

Take everything I said about Vogel and Orlando and apply it to Earl Watson and Phoenix. Watson was fired after three games but in all fairness, Watson wasn't given any form of a respectable roster to work with. Devin Booker is a stud and scoring machine but that's really about it as far as talent.

Who is feeling the heat?

Dave Joerger

Again, I like Dave Joerger as a coach but also feel like taking a job in Sacramento means you're truly being hired to be fired. The Kings are the worst team in the league, don't let their record fool you, and it's not even close. While I think Kings fans would hate to see another coach get fired, I expect nothing less from the organization to cause more chaos.

by Boston Herald
by Boston Herald

Doc Rivers

He's as good as gone, you've heard it from me. Rivers went to LA to avoid a rebuild in Boston and now that he's contributed to making CP3 leave and traded Griffin, he's probably packing his bags as I type this article. I personally think he's underachieved greatly in LA and a lot of his own coaching flaws were exposed during his tenure here. I think he'll land elsewhere quickly because of his Boston era resume though.

Michael Malone

There were already rumors of it being “playoffs or bust” for Malone's tenure in Denver. Guess what? The Nuggets lost last night to Minnesota on the last game of the season for the last seed in the West. If the rumors of him needing to make the post season to save his job, expect to hear about his dismissal sometime today.

Steve Clifford

by CBS Sports
by CBS Sports

Another year, another missed post season berth for Clifford and the Hornets. With a roster going no where and a new GM coming in, perhaps a full shake up will follow. Steve Clifford has gotten a lot out of his roster but not enough to overcome the front offices failures.

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