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The only place Lebron should take his talents to...

by Justin Emerson
by Justin Emerson

It's almost that time of year where Lebron James gets to hold the entire NBA hostage while he decides where he'll be playing next season. Lebron James is expected to decline his player option and again become a free agent, a free agent that's expecting a team to give him the max. While teams like Philly, LA, and Houston are the teams being tossed around in the rumor mill so far, there's only one team that makes sense for a long term and successful fit. The San Antonio Spurs.

Yes, the same Spurs that sent Lebron back to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. Yes, the same Spurs that historically don't splurge on superstars. Yes, the same Spurs that have a “team” mentality rather than a “superstar” one. Despite their history and cultural differences, Lebron James is the perfect fit for San Antonio.

Why it makes sense for Lebron James:

A perfect duo? — by Justin Emerson
A perfect duo? — by Justin Emerson

Lebron James is 33 and despite him having another insane statistical season, good old “Father Time” will catch up to him eventually. What better place to extend his prime than San Antonio? The Spurs are still getting production from Manu Ginobili and he's one of the oldest players in the NBA; Tim Duncan nearly averaged a double-double at age 38. While Lebron James is already on pace to become, statistically, the greatest of all time, he could extend his prime and really add to his numbers on a team like the Spurs.

Lebron James doesn't really have a “Robin” in Cleveland, let alone a “Big Three”. Cleveland is also so badly cap strapped that there's near zero chance they can sign a big time free agent. While Kevin Love is an offensive gem, he isn't the star Lebron needs to have in order to compete. San Antonio meanwhile already has a great two way player in Kawhi Leonard and a still prime double double machine in LaMarcus Aldridge. While the Spurs bench may have to emptied in order to sign James, the Spurs have always been able to turn throw aways in solid role players.

Lastly, Lebron James wants more titles more MVPs to fully cement his place on the NBA Mount Rushmore. He's not going to even sniff the Western Conference Finals going to LA, Philadelphia is still a few years away from #CompleteingTheProcess, and Houston is still a questionable experiment. San Antonio meanwhile is always primed for a 50 win season with a deep post season run. It's only logical to go to a team that's always one of the best in the West.

Why it makes sense for San Antonio:

It's Lebron James, do I really need to make a case here? Greg Popovich once jokingly said he offered his kids to get LaMarcus Aldridge, I think he'd seriously offer them to sign Lebron.

The only serious challenge that presents itself to give Lebron a max is the Spurs own salary cap situaton. The Spurs have shown they're willing to do a salary dump in order to sign a star, RC Buford will have to get very creative in order to sign Lebron while keeping LaMarcus and Leonard.

Imagine this pick and roll duo  — by Justin Emerson
Imagine this pick and roll duo  — by Justin Emerson
This article was originally published on @justin9944