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The Orlando Magic Want to Trade for Knicks' Frank Ntilikina

Everyone has noticed that the New York Knicks' guard Frank Ntilikina has under-performed this year and teams are inquiring about him. Should the Knicks trade the second year player?

As of late, the Knicks haven't been playing Ntilikina much. He has struggled to score this season and hasn't developed as everyone would have liked. Still, he is still young and learning which isn't a bad thing. The Knicks aren't in win mode now so they can take the process of developing him slowly.

Other teams think that the Knicks may trade him because he isn't working out. While that may be a stretch at this point, it may become a reality soon. All a team has to do is make a good offer for him and the Orlando Magic can do just that.

The Magic have a lot of great offensive players. Now, they need to amp up their defense and that is one thing Ntilikina excels in. He is great in the pick and roll and guards have a hard time scoring on him. Orlando can trade a role player like Evan Fournier and add a pick for Ntilikina and an additional player.

While the Knicks are in the midst of another losing season (surprise surprise), the Magic are making a playoff run. They have improved a lot and need to get better on defense if they want to compete with the better teams in the East.

Getting Ntilikina would be enough to give the Magic a playoff push. Scoring in the NBA is easier than before and that is why getting defensive stops is that much more important. And unlike the Knicks, the Magic won't need to rely on Ntilikina on offense. However, teams will cheat off of Ntilikina and it may cause havoc on the offensive end.

Don't expect the Knicks to trade Ntilikina anytime soon. Since winning isn't the goal for the Knicks this year, there is no pressure for them. Also, they want to keep developing their point guard and won't just give up because of a slow start. Unless the Magic make an irresistible offer, Ntilikina will remain a Knick.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir