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The Rockets Are Getting Ready to Sign Carmelo Anthony but Will Regret it Soon

The Houston Rockets are trying to land Carmelo Anthony, even before he has parted ways with the Oklahoma Thunder.

One team’s trash is another team’s treasure. Oklahoma is trying to get rid of Anthony before the season starts and yet, there are a few teams that want him. Anthony will get paid $27.9 million from the Thunder and now he will also get paid after he signs to another team. He is cashing in checks like there is no tomorrow.

There doesn’t seem to be a team that hasn’t regretted trading for Carmelo Anthony. The New York Knicks gave up a lot of acquire him in 2010 and that has never paid off for them. Instead, they ended up trading him away to the Thunder who didn’t want him to be on the team for a second year and are in talks to buy him out.

Luckily for Anthony, his name still holds some respect. The Rockets are being urged by Chris Paul and Mike D’Antoni to pursue Anthony. They fell short of the NBA Finals and want to add even more superstars to overcome the Golden State Warriors. After signing DeMarcus Cousins, it seems impossible to beat the Warriors next season but the Rockets have always been an optimistic bunch.

Losing Trevor Ariza and replacing him with Anthony sounds really bad. Ariza is a two-way player and that will be something the Rockets will realize next season. Anthony hasn’t been a great scorer the past few seasons and his defense is really bad. Instead of helping the Rockets, Anthony will make them regret chasing him and parting ways with Ariza.

You can hardly blame Ariza for leaving. He got paid $15 million a year by the Phoenix Suns. That is a good contract for him considering he will be considered old in two seasons. He made sure he got paid and the Rockets weren’t able to afford him.

The NBA is funny because everyone can see a bad deal except for the team itself. Yes, you have to gamble sometimes but at least make it a safe bet. Anthony hasn’t had playoff success in the lost couple of years for a reason. He is a one-dimensional player and while he will make the NBA Hall of Fame, he will not win an NBA Championship.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir