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Timberwolves Interested in Signing Joakim Noah and Luol Deng

It is official, the Minnesota Timberwolves are trying to recreate the 2012 Chicago Bulls roster. I have joked about this in the past because the Wolves hired the former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, traded for Jimmy Butler and signed Derrick Rose in the past few years. They are looking to add more former Bulls players to the roster.

Center Joakim Noah and forward Luol Deng are on the Wolves radar on players to sign. Yes, you read that right. Two players that most of the league doesn’t want are coveted by the Wolves. Deng was bought out by the Los Angeles Lakers and Noah is waiting to be bought out by the New York Knicks.

I don’t know what to make of this besides the fact that the Wolves don’t know what they are doing. Signing old players that are past their prime is not a good idea. Both of these players have barely played in the past year and for good reason.

Yes, I know, these will be cheap contracts for the Wolves. That doesn’t make it much better considering that the Wolves could sign younger players and develop them. That isn’t much of a thing in the NBA except for decent draft picks. It is sad when players get signed because of their name and not because of their talent.

If the Wolves are bad next year, don’t be surprised to see Thibodeau get fired. He has been making questionable moves and I don’t think he evenknows what he is doing besides recreating the Chicago Bulls. Somebody should remind Thibodeau that his Bulls never won a championship.

He should try to create something better in Minnesota. Instead, he thinks his Bulls team was the best thing ever. Yes, they were a good team but that was because they had Rose leading the helm. Now, they have questionable superstars that don’t seem to get along.

As a Wolves fan, I would be pissed. They are getting a broken product because of a coach trying to live in the past. The Wolves won’t make the playoffs next year and that isn’t the worst thing that is going to happen to them. Butler will leave. There goes your franchise.

The jokes that will follow will be hilarious concerning the Bulls… I mean Wolves. Nobody expected much from them and it makes sense for it all to come back to square one. Hiring the right people is hard and the Wolves are finding that out the hard way.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir