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Tips to help the skinny guy gain muscles

My name is Edward Charmantas and i am a personal trainer with a level 2 and level 3 diploma in health and fitness and i was just like many of you the guy who always seemed to struggle to gain muscle mass easily.However over the years i have been able to learn a system that works for me and that i feel will be beneficial to many like me.

There are a number of things that you need to take into account.First eating is very important so if you are a smoker then you will need to stop as this kills you appetite and will prevent you from being able to eat enough to gain size. But it is not only eating but eating the write stuff healthy fats and proteins(eggs,red meat,fish etc).Not just this but also you will need to get the write amount of vitamins and minerals (calcium,vitamin D,E,K so fruits and vegetables are also critical.

Having said this i also feel that how regular food is consumed is also very important you should not eat less than three well structured meals a day which included all the write ingredients you need to grow. I would recommend 5 hand size meals a day.

Having roughly covered the basic goals you should have when it comes to eating now i must talk about training.Now it is important to understand that when you are looking at the bodybuilders on Youtube to remember that they are built completely different to you and what works for them wont necessarily work for you as most of these guys will have a typical mesomorphic shape (broad shoulders,wide chest ,slim waist,big athletic natural shape) where as you most likely will have a more typical ectomorphic shape (slim shoulders long limbs and smaller more endurance based muscles).Both these body types require different training. For you i would recommend 4 training sessions a week which train the largest muscle groups (back,legs,chest,shoulders).All of these sessions should included regular compound movement training (Squats,Bench press,Deadlifts) as these increase testosterone level and help all over boy muscle development as well as the rapid development of the muscles they train.

Sessions should last no longer than an hour and there should be dynamic stretching which is stretching that involves movement and should be done before a workout as-well as static stretching which is stretching that requires holding positions for 30 seconds or more this is critical so that you can perform the proper range of motion in all you exercises so that they are no imbalances. The hole body should be stretched after a session and warmed up before.

When performing these exercises to main muscle mass there should be a phew things taken into account firstly rep ranges should mostly range from 6-12 unless doing a superset drop set or tri-set. Sets should range from 3-6 this will give you the best results for developing the size and quality of your muscles.Another important thing to remember is that your form when doing these exercises must be perfect if it isn't then you need to either reduce the weight or practice more. Remember its not about how much you lift but how well you lift it.

These are a few ruth tips to help small guys who want to gain muscle and size achieve there goals i hope there help you.