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Trump really crossed the line with LeBron Tweet

by Political Dig
by Political Dig

Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like it finally happened.

The most divisive tweet of President Donald Trump's tenure may have been tweeted late on Friday night.

If you ask me, the two things people are most passionate about in the world are politics and sports, and Trump now officially has riled up people in both camps. Sure, the NFL National Anthem drama is big, but the President of the United States just insulted the best player in the NBA and took a stance on who the best NBA player of all time is.

This tweet came in response to a CNN interview with LeBron, where he told Don Lemon that Trump is using sports to divide people.

I'm all for drama in sports and I love when it crosses into politics, a subject of which I personally don't lose sleep over, but the President of the United States insulting LeBron's intelligence is just uncalled for.

This is the player who has served as the voice of NBA players for the past several years.

This is the player who wants to do more than just “shut up and dribble.”

This is the player who just used his platform to open a school for underprivileged kids from his hometown.

This is the athlete this country needed. Someone without any scandals from his past, who continues to act as a role model for all of America's youth to look up to. He uses his influence and wealth to give back to people less fortunate, and is a well-spoken and thoughtful individual.

Trump can chime in on the greatest NBA player debate, I'm cool with that; but don't insult someone who has given so much back to his country and his sport as LeBron has.