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VR Proximity flight!

Combine Indoor Wingsuit Flying with a 360° Virtual Reality headset to feel you're really flying down Tianmen Mountain!

Something awesome!

Last week we did something awesome at Indoor Wingsuit Flying Stockholm. We took a VR headset, and played back one of my Wingsuit Basejumping videos, which I had shot with a high quality 360 camera. The viewer (Pilvi Juvonen) was flying a wingsuit in the tunnel airflow, with 2 safety wires and myself as the coach keeping her steady. It provided an experience as close to reality as possible, allowing anyone to safely experience wingsuit base jumping in a super safe environment.

Jarno Cordia

VR BASE down Tianmen Mountain — by Jarno Cordia
VR BASE down Tianmen Mountain — by Jarno Cordia

This article was originally published on skydivemag