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Warriors Want to Acquire Anthony Davis But Will they be Able to?

The latest rumors to come out of the NBA will scare most NBA teams and may force them to quit basketball. The Golden State Warriors are interested in landing Anthony Davis. They would have to part with one or more superstar if they want to land Davis but that hasn’t stopped them from being interested.

It looks like the Warriors want to see what the asking price is for Davis. I doubt the New Orleans Pelicans will ever trade Davis, especially to the Warriors. As it stands now, the Pelicans have lost to the Warriors in two playoff games in the past four years. They won’t help their rivals get any better, especially not at their expense.

Besides the fact that the Pelicans will not trade Davis, there is almost no chance the Warriors will trade any of their four superstar away. Not right after winning their third championship in four years. There may be a slight chance the Warriors may trade Klay Thompson or Draymond Green if they ask for too much money in their contract negotiations. If would be smarter to get back Davis instead of letting Thompson and Green walk away.

It would surprise everybody if the Warriors didn’t resign either Thompson or Green. They are vital to the Warriors success and reign as the best team in the NBA. Golden State has been great because they kept their core together and were able to add Kevin Durant to the team. They want to add Davis now but that is a bit unrealistic at the moment.

Had Golden State lost, they would have pursued Davis more vigorously as they did with Durant. But that isn’t the case this time around. They don’t have to redeem themselves. Instead, they have to make sure they are prepared for the super-team that will be built this off-season to topple them.

The NBA has been unpredictable the last couple of years and that is why everyone should watch the Warriors this off-season. They have taken steps to ensure that their odds to win are good. Adding Davis would make them ridiculously good but the Pelicans will never let that happen. Instead, the Warriors most likely will get a couple of great role players like they usually do.

New Orleans knows that they aren’t good enough to defeat the top Western Conference teams yet but with a few more good signings and trades, they may come close. They have a bright future and will give the Warriors a challenge next year. They just need one more superstar to do so.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir