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We have probably already seen the best version of Isaiah Thomas

What seems like ages ago, Isaiah Thomas became the hero in green and lead Boston to the playoffs, unfortunately Thomas hurt his hip in the playoffs after hitting a Kevin Love screen. Isaiah Thomas was shut down after that game and decided to not get surgery that summer, the Boston Celtics even declared he wouldn't need surgery. Thomas was then traded to Cleveland, dumped by Cleveland and sent to LA; now he's back to square one. Shut down. Putting aside Isaiah Thomas's rather loud mouth, you can't help but feel bad for him.

It's astounding how quickly Isaiah Thomas rose to stardom and then fell from grace. While I did come off as a possibly harsh critic of Thomas in a past article, I was truly upset to hear of his surgery today. This surgery and pending rehab puts even more questions about his future. Thomas is going on 30, is not going to get any taller, and now could be forever hobbled by a really bad hip. It's safe to say that no team will be giving Isaiah the huge payday he's been dreaming of, especially after this surgery. While there have been reports of the Lakers wanting to resign him, there's no chance it will be for the role Thomas wants.

I wish the best for IT in his future, but I'm sure we won't ever see the electric scorer he was in Boston ever again.

This article was originally published on @justin9944