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Where did things start to go wrong for Roman Reigns?

Whether you are a casual or hardcore wrestling fan, you know that Roman Reigns is WWE’s next “Top Guy” and will remain on top for years to come. Majority of the WWE universe is not in favor of it and they constantly express their displeasure by booing him the entire time he is in the ring but it wasn’t always like this. There was a time when Roman Reigns was loved by the WWE universe. So where did it all go wrong?

Reigns celebrating after his record breaking win at Survivor Series 2013 — by Ali Siddiqui
Reigns celebrating after his record breaking win at Survivor Series 2013 — by Ali Siddiqui

As you all may remember, when The Shield debuted at Survivor Series 2012, Dean Ambrose was considered to be the “Chosen One” out of the three but tides slowly began to turn in favor of Roman Reigns. He tied the record for most eliminations in a Survivor Series traditional tag team match when he eliminated 4 members of the opposition. Shortly after that at Royal Rumble 2014, he broke the record set by Kane in 2001 for the most eliminations in a Royal Rumble match by eliminating 14 superstars.

It started to become evident that Reigns would become the next top guy and the WWE universe didn’t stop supporting him. After all, Roman Reigns was the cool guy of The Shield who used to deliver the badass closing lines of Shield’s promos. His in ring chemistry with Rollins and Ambrose was quite impressive too.

The problem started when The Shield broke up. WWE universe soon started to realize that Reigns couldn’t cut an effective promo on his own and that his moveset was quite limited as well but the fans still remained behind him. In September 2014, Roman Reigns got injured and returned in December to announce that he would be participating in the Royal Rumble match but to everyone’s surprise, someone else also returned in December after being injured for about 6 months and that someone also announced himself to be a part of the Rumble. That someone was obviously DANIEL BRYAN.

Everyone knows that WWE universe simply loves Daniel Bryan and would happily boo anyone standing against him (as it happened a year prior when Rey Mysterio entered the Rumble at #30 instead of Bryan). WWE tried to avoid this situation by having Bryan eliminated before Roman entered the match but as soon as Bryan got eliminated, fans realized that Roman would be winning the entire thing and then suddenly the countdown stopped, music hit and out came Roman Reigns to boos. He was booed throughout the match. Even an assist by The Rock couldn’t help him get some cheers.

Roman Reigns (left) after winning the 2015 Royal Rumble match — by Ali Siddiqui
Roman Reigns (left) after winning the 2015 Royal Rumble match — by Ali Siddiqui

Since then, there hardly has been a PPV, Raw or Smackdown event where Reigns wasn’t booed. His storylines, promos and matches became too predictable and boring in the eyes of the WWE universe. Before Reigns was injured in September 2014, he was supposed to feud with the Authority leading to a match with Triple H which the fans were really looking forward to but Reigns' injury got the feud with Authority shelved and Reigns was put straight into the title picture upon his return while Bryan, who never lost his title, went on to feud with Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship.

Now, we are in 2018. Reigns’ mic and in ring skills have improved a lot as compared to 2015 but fans still can’t get behind him. Even with all of the negative reception he has been getting for more than 3 years now, Reigns remains as one of the top merchandise sellers in WWE (behind John Cena) and isn’t injury prone. Moreover, Roman Reigns always gets reactions from the crowd, mostly boos and rarely any cheers but in the current era, very superstars get reactions all of the time and Roman Reigns is one of them. People can love him or hate him, but they can’t ignore him and these are some of the reasons why Reigns is still on the top and will remain there for years to come. Believe that!

This article was originally published on @alisidd123