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Where Will Carmelo Anthony and Kawhi Leonard End Up This Summer?

Everyone is still waiting for Kawhi Leonard to be traded. He has made it known that he wants to leave yet he is still on the San Antonio Spurs. They haven’t received a package offer they have deemed worthy but they will have to accept a trade deal soon. Leonard has made it known he won’t play if he is still on the Spurs next season.

Unlike Leonard, the Oklahoma Thunder want Carmelo Anthony to leave. They think he is a bad fir and he agrees with them. That didn’t stop him from opting in the last year of his contract and making almost $28 million next year. He plans to have the Thunder pay him and leave them. That is truly the meaning of having your cake and eating it too.

There is a bigger market for Leonard so he is more coveted but the Spurs have made him impossible to acquire. They don’t want to train him to the Los Angeles Lakers for a decent trade package. They want most of the Lakers young talent and that isn’t going to happen. Leonard will not promise to sign an extension with any team that isn’t located in L.A and that is the deal breaker for those teams.

Who wants to part with their star players and draft picks for a player that will walk away? Leonard is using that as leverage to control where he goes but the Spurs have countered by not trading him at all. They will most likely give in but not without a fight.

Anthony doesn’t have that problem. The Thunder tried to trade him but they weren’t able to find any takers. They will release him and let him go test the market. Oklahoma doesn’t care where Anthony ends up. He isn’t a great player anymore and his lack of defense helps opposing teams.

Getting nothing in return for Anthony sucks for the Thunder but at least he won’t be playing for them next year. He was going to hurt them and now he won’t be their problem anymore. He may end up on the Houston Rockets. They are sold on him because he is good friends with Chris Paul. He may fit in but I doubt it. His offense may work in their system but his defense will hurt them a lot.

Expect both of them to be in another uniform in a month. If a player really doesn’t want to be on a team, he will get out one way or another. Some time the team can salvage something and other times, a team totally loses out.

This article was originally published on @ahaqir